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High quality Taian PP Thermal Laminating metallized glitter Film

Item No.: High quality Taian PP Thermal Laminating metallized glitter Film
Glitter Thermal Lamination Film Base types: translucent, metallic or colorful iridescentColors: as per Panton, as more as expectedPatterns: over 150 patterns (a same pattern can be made based on transparent, metallic or colorful; a same pattern can be…
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Glitter Thermal Lamination Film for every printing process, DIGITAL, OFFSET & WIDE FORMAT

 Product Name: Amazing Sparkle Material Thermal Laminating Film
* Material: PP (Polypropylene) + EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate)
* Usage: Packaging and Laminating
* Processing Type: Multi extrusion
* Transparency: Transparent or opaque 
* Appearance: Gold, silver and transparent
* Thickness: 80micron(3.15mil), 110micron(4.4mil), 150micron(6mil)
* Paper Core: 1” (25.4mm), 3” (76mm),
* Roll Width: from 180mm to 880mm
* Roll Length: from 100m to 1000m
* Minimum Order Quantity: 1,000.00sqm
* Capacity: 3million sqm per month
* Delivery Lead: 20 days


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What is thermal lamination film?

Thermal lamination film is mainly made with base film + EVA hot glue.

It use extrusion coating process to combine these two layers.

Thermal lamination film is a decorative film that has been extrusion coated with a thermal adhesive so that a heated lamination nip roll will activate the adhesive layer causing the film to adhere to a printed paper surface.





1. Handbag and packing box: 

gift bag, accessories box, Christmas present bag and wine bag 
2. Decoration materials: 

stamp on window, wallpaper, advertisement card and the fresh flower packing material. 
3. Lamp material 
PP chimney, accessories lamp, especially lamp chimney and lamp box 

4. Rubber pastes 
stationery craft paper, rubs the tissue paper, the present gummed tape 
5. Gaseous toy: 
Banking Sticks, swimming ring, Christmas color ball

The above-mentioned are applicable to colour ribbon, glitter powder and colour pieces;

They can be made colour paper, colour cloth/ribbon and accessory by pasted and printing with paper, cloth, plastic, artifical leather or paperboard.




glitter 作用.jpg 

How to use thermal lamination film?


Equipment for laminating film: Dry and wet laminator machine.

Temperature: Normal: 85~100 centigrade; Special: 100~110centigrade

Roller pressure: Normal: 8~15Mpa; Special: 16~25 Mpa

Speed: Normal: 5~30 M/min; Special: 5-10 M/min

Remarks: Special laminations refer to those with thick ink, dark color, much moisture and large size pape




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A professioal manufacturer which are specialized in BOPP/PET Thermal Lamination Film,BOPP/PET Metalize Thermal Lamination Film,Holographic Thermal Lamination Film,PET Anti-Scratch Protective Film. Our company is well equipped with modern & Precise Processing equipments which allow us to meet market demands for high quality thermal lamination film at competitive price

We Carry out strict product quality control procedure, such as SPC (Statistical Process Control) to ensure t quality is in control.We have been approved by SGS that meets the criterison ROHS of EU which enable our film to be friendly environmental and can be used in packaging industry,such as food and sanitation.