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12 Micron Polyester Film Thermal Lamination Film For Packaging

12 Micron Polyester Film Thermal Lamination Film For Packaging

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Strong Aluminum and Barrier PET Film 12 Micron Polyester Film



1. Double Side Corona Treatment

2. Excellent Rewinding and Bonding

3. Glossy and Matte Available

4. Good for Following Printing Processes





Product Description


Metalized Thermal Laminating Film comes out as the aluminum paper when it laminates with paper.

It is used to laminate on the daily consumable packing box, such as the box of grocery,medicine, wine etc.

Our Metalized Thermal Laminating Film has Silver,Gold and other colors (available at both gloss and matt),
mainly at 24micron(12MPET+12EVA) and 28micron (18MBOPP+10EVA).

It serves strong adhesion, perfect surface tension and nice rewinding,with one or double sides corona 
treatment valued above 42 dyne


The new developed items is the Metalized Thermal Lamination Film with Primer, thus the corona treatment of the MPET is above 50 dynes. All the following printings are available and easy, no peeling easily. 



TAIAN PET Metalized Thermal Lamination Film 
  Thickness (mic) Ration/Yield  Resistance
    Total Thickness Thickness Tolerance G/M2 G/25MM
Silver 19 ±1.5mic 23.02 560
20 23.88 620
21 24.74 620
22 25.60 680
23 26.46 680
24 27.32 680
Gold 19 23.92 560
20 24.78 620
21 25.64 620
22 26.50 680
23 27.36 680
24 28.22 680
19 23.92 560
20 24.78 620
21 25.64 620
22 26.50 680
23 27.36 680
24 28.22 680
Width 200mm-1600mm
Length 200m-12000m
Paper Core 25.4mm(1"), 50.8mm(2"),76mm (3")
Connector ≤2
Corona Treament double side
Surface Tension PET side≥42 dyne   EVA side≥38 dyne












Packaging & Shipping



Our Services


In order to guarantee high product quality, we carry out very strict management principle all the time, the international quality system ISO 9001:2008 certifate was equipped in our company.


Every detail of the processing is well controlled with special attention.


Every product could be traced.


In case of a bad roll found, we will make compensation as responsibility.







This long-lasting product looks incredibly perfect in homes, offices, and hotels, creating a fantastic focal point for discussion. It is such a good investment for people that it can be worn for years. Because its good quality enables it to keep as new as before.
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