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by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-09-23
Credit Arthur Zeng Xianzi Hua/Reuters supdate | 12: 05 p. m.
On Thursday, June 4.
In response to the article, the fifth photographer, Trier Jones, shared with the camera photos of his upcoming confrontation on the streets.
It has never been published before.
Update | 10: 30. m.
Wednesday, June 3.
Many readers of Tian \'anmen tankers\' mentioned the video of the same incident.
Arthur Adelstein provides links to videos on YouTube.
Few images are more easily identified or aroused.
It is simply called \"tank man\" and is one of the most famous photos in modern history.
Twenty years ago, on June 5, 1989, after weeks of mass protests and repression in Beijing killed hundreds of people, a lonely man rumbled past Tiananmen Square in front of a tank.
Instantly became a symbol of protest and a symbol of the world\'s opposition to oppression --
There is an anonymous act of resistance in our collective consciousness.
It all started with a man in a white shirt who walked into the street and raised his right hand, not higher than a New Yorker called a taxi, James Barron wrote in The New York Times the next day.
This photo appears on the front page of the newspaper and countless other publications in the world.
Until today, the identity and fate of the person in the photo are still unclear.
PBS Frontline filmed an engaging documentary \"tank man\" in 2006, discussing his fate.
However, no one knows exactly who he is or exactly what happened to him.
In China, the image is largely blocked by the Internet.
Although it has iconic status and historical significance elsewhere, most young people there do not recognize the photo.
More than one picture of \"tank man.
Four photographers filmed the day\'s encounter at the Beijing Hotel, overlooking Chang \'an avenue (
Avenue of Eternal Peace)
Their lives are always linked together at one moment.
They share their memories with The Times via emailmail.
On June 5, 1989, Charlie Cole reported in Beijing for Newsweek magazine.
His current version is tense.
Three stacked tanks, drawing lines on the road emphasizes the direction of the tank, and all the paths point to one person.
The details were clear and striking: the red star on the tank and the bag that the man was holding made his protest look like an afterthought on his way home from work or from the market.
Simple, eye-catching and powerful.
On the morning of the fourth day, the sun rose and the automatic weapon shooting that interrupted the night gradually weakened.
The vehicle burns on the main road.
Information from around the city is hard to get because the PLA has almost closed the movement (
People\'s Liberation Army of China)
He stationed thousands of soldiers throughout the city and set up checkpoints at all major intersections.
Stewart Franklin was filming most of the time with me.
We took some pictures of the wounded in the hospital and tried to get close to the citizens --and-
The army suffered as much as possible without being found or arrested.
On the morning of the fifth day, we returned to the favorable location of the balcony of the Beijing hotel to try to understand what was going on inside the square.
When at least 20 armored personnel carriers came down from Chang \'an Street, we did not stay on the balcony for a long time.
At this point, they opened the crowd.
I don\'t know if they shot above the crowd or into the crowd, but needless to say, it cleared the streets of about a thousand people there.
Apc Tuss continued along the avenue, and it was not long before it was lined up by tanks.
As the tank approached the Beijing Hotel, the lonely young man waved his jacket and shopping bag to the center of the avenue to stop the tank from moving forward.
I have been looking forward to his bad luck.
But to my surprise, the lead tank stopped and then tried to get around him.
But the young man cut it off again.
Finally, PSB (
Public Security Bureau)
Grab him and run away with him.
Stewart and I have something we don\'t believe we just saw and filmed.
I think his actions touch people\'s hearts everywhere, and when this moment comes his character determines this moment, not the moment that defines him.
He created the image.
I\'m just one of the photographers.
I feel honored to be there.
After taking pictures of the showdown, I started to worry about the psb monitoring our activities on the balcony.
I took three rolls of film with two cameras.
A roll saved the encounter with the tank, and another volume saved other good photos of the crowd and the PLA confrontation and the injured civilians in the hospital.
I replaced the last unexposed roll with one of the cameras, replaced the tank roll and reluctantly left the other roll of wounded in the other.
I felt that if the PSB searched the room or caught me, they would look more difficult if there was no film in the camera.
I then put the water tank roll in a plastic film tank, wrap it in a plastic bag and attach it to the flush chain in the toilet tank.
I hid my camera in the room as much as I could.
Within an hour, the PSB forcibly entered and began searching the room.
About five minutes later, they found the camera and tore off the film from each camera, seemingly satisfied that they had eliminated the coverage.
They then forced me to sign a confession saying that I had been taking pictures during martial law and confiscated my passport.
After A while, I went back to my room and got back the movie I gave to. P.
Office and development.
Later, David bevitz was sent to Beijing as a Newsweek photography technology.
Photographer, send the photos to Newsweek in time before our deadline.
In my opinion, it is regrettable that this image itself has become the iconic \"mother\" of the Tiananmen tragedy \".
This tends to mask all the other great work that other photographers have done during the crackdown.
In this report, some journalists were killed, and almost everyone was likely to be shot at some point.
Jacques langvin, Peter and David Turnley, Peter charleworth, Robin Moyer, David beckowitz ken Jarecke, and some others have done something about what happened in this tragedy A more comprehensive historical record, we should not be tempted into a simple one.
The lens of this very complex event.
The picture of Stewart Franklin feels like a painting. Mr.
Franklin, a big coffee photographer for Time magazine, was filmed on the roof with Mr. Magnan. Cole.
He gave us the whole scene.
The only small digital space in the framework emphasizes what he opposes.
A burning bus appeared in the background, breaking the remains of the previous night\'s violent clashes.
The shadow image storm cloud dominates the left side.
I woke up at the Beijing hotel and found Chang \'an Street occupied by a row of students, facing a row of soldiers and a tank.
I hunched on the balcony on the fifth floor. I think).
Three other people are also on the balcony: Charlie Cole, a reporter from Actuel, France, and a reporter from Vanity Fair.
I\'m trying to shoot the whole series of events, but like any photographer working in a movie, I\'m always afraid to run out on 36 frames!
At some point there were shots fired and the tanks continued to move towards us, leaving Tiananmen Square until blocked by a lone protester.
I took pictures of the protesters.
Carrying two shopping bags, he protested against the tank driver.
He was then taken away from the tank by two bystanders and disappeared into the crowd.
The rest of the day is trying to get into the hospital to determine how many people died or were injured.
In the two hospitals I can enter, I found young Chinese
Maybe students.
On the floor of the hospital corridor.
It\'s mysterious to have no dead.
Later I understood that in order to avoid media attention, most of the deaths were sent to the children\'s hospital in the city.
Chinese officials have worked very hard on the evidence of the massacre.
The film was secretly brought out by a French student with a pack of tea and sent to the Magnan office in Paris.
Jeff videnna framed his picture a little tighter, similar
But there is an extra tank in the frame and the street light mysteriously protrudes from the bottom. Mr.
Widener\'s version for The Associated Press is probably the most popular of the four.
It was made from the lower floor of the hotel closest to the ground, capturing a face --to-
Lonely people face to face with the driver of the first tank.
Sometime in the morning of June 5, 1989, I stumbled out from the Jianguo Hotel in Beijing and came to the Associated Press after burning buses and smashing bicycles.
I had the flu like a dog and had a serious concussion.
During the Tiananmen uprising, a stray rock hit me in the face while filming a burning armored vehicle.
The Nikon F3 Titanium camera saved my life by absorbing the impact.
When I enter. P.
Located in the office of the diplomatic compound, I am from. P.
Headquartered in New York.
\"We don\'t want anyone to take any unnecessary risks, but we would appreciate it if someone could take a picture of Tiananmen Square.
\"Boy, this is not what I wanted to read after the terrorist incident I witnessed the night before.
I was really scared and still a long way from getting hurt, I had to summon up the courage to go to the Beijing Hotel by bike, which had the best advantage.
Finally, thanks to a young college student named Kirk or Kurt, I managed to sneak my camera equipment into the Beijing Hotel and pass the security police.
Twenty years later, I still couldn\'t find him or express my gratitude.
Without his help, the world will lose an unforgettable image.
When I took pictures on the sixth floor of the balcony of the Beijing hotel, I soon finished watching the movie.
The tank crashed the burnt bus.
Some people sell dead and wounded bodies on carts.
I asked Kurt Kirk to help me find some more movies.
An hour later, he returned with a roll of Fuji 100 ASA color negatives.
Only one tourist can be found in the abandoned Hall.
I usually shoot 800 ASA.
This will be a key factor in the future.
I loaded a single film in the Nikon fe 2 camera body.
It\'s small, there\'s an automaticexposure meter.
When I try to fall asleep from a heavy headache, I can hear the familiar sound of the tank in the distance. I jumped up.
Kurt/Kirk followed me to the window.
There was a huge tank in the distance.
This is a very impressive sight.
As perfectionists, I waited for the exact moment of the shoot.
Suddenly a guy in a white shirt ran out and I said to Kurt/Kirk, \"Damn --
That guy is going to screw up my composition.
Kurt/Kirk shouted, \"they will kill him ! \"
\"I put my Nikon 400mm 5.
If the lens, wait for the moment he is hit. But he was not.
The image is too far away.
I looked back at the bed and could see my TC-
Phone 301.
That little lens adapter can double my picture.
With it, I can have a stronger image, but if he left when I came back, I might lose everything together.
I rushed to the bed, ran back to the balcony and took a picture of the soymilk machine.
I carefully focused and shot . . . . . . Two . . . . . . Three frames until I find my shutter speed very low --
Number 60 of seconds
Any camera enthusiast knows that slow shutter speed is impossible
Held at a focal length of 800mm.
I leaned over the balcony and peeked in a corner.
The reality I face is that this moment has passed.
I finished filming the occupied Tiananmen Square earlier, so I handed over all my film to Kurt/Kirk, who smuggled it back to. P.
Office in underwearThe long-
College students with full hair are wearing a dirty Rambo T-shirt
Sandals with shirt shorts.
The security guard will never doubt that he is a journalist.
After five hours without any movies and exhaustion, I called. P.
Beijing bureau.
Photo editor Mark Avery asked, \"Jeff, what shutter speed did you take? My heart sank.
Mark said, \"Yes. K.
We used it, but not very sharp.
The next day I came to the office and Liu Chengcheng joked that I received \"very bad information from New York \".
The clipboard is the post-congratulatory message from all over the world: \"congratulation.
Widener\'s Tank Man is on the first half of all British newspapers.
\"All the tanks in front of European newspapers.
\"Hope I\'m in Horst FAZ, London.
\"The French Liberation newspaper wants an exclusive interview with Jeff videnna.
Tank Man for USA Today and International Herald Tribune.
\"Please contact Life magazine for tank man image.
The response is overwhelming.
I returned to Beijing unexpectedly for the 20 th anniversary, and my heart was full of emotion.
One day, I recall walking on a very quiet tree.
The American embassy is lined with Boulevard.
As I strolled through the Ritan Park in Beijing and smelled the pleasant burning smell of wood in Asia, I found it hard to imagine such a hell going on these streets 20 years ago.
Two days ago, Reuters\'s Zeng Junhua was beaten by students who were considered spies.
The picture of the tank man he took was divided into three degrees by two light poles, a few seconds earlier than the others, and the tank competed for a second behind the lonely man.
The burning bus is in Mr.
Version of Tsang.
Gunfire can be heard from the east and west.
Back to the square where the students stayed, I felt unsafe, so I went to the 11 th floor of the Beijing hotel where some of my news friends stayed.
The square is clear, but now more than 100 tanks have been assembled.
We saw people protest near the hotel.
The army shot and killed many of them.
We took pictures on the balcony, and across the street, the police watched everything we did.
Sometimes, when the troops drove past the hotel room and shot at the sky to scare people away, the bullets hit the hotel room.
There are rumors that they will clean up the hotel.
Many people, especially Chinese, pack and leave. At around noon.
We heard the roar of the tank.
More than 20 of them, in a large team, pulled out of the square and walked towards us.
I put film on my Nikon F3HP and started shooting with a 300mm telephoto lens.
Suddenly a friend of mine shouted, \"This guy is crazy!
\"I saw from the viewfinder that a man, carrying two plastic shopping bags, walked from the sidewalk onto the empty Chang \'an Avenue, blocking the tank.
The first tank pulled a bit, but the man moved in the same direction and prevented it from moving forward.
I made a 2 times call and took a few tighter photos.
Then the man climbed up the first tank and tried to talk to the soldiers inside.
When he came down, four or five people came out of the sidewalk and pulled him away.
He\'s gone forever.
I called my office and told them I did a good job.
A colleague came over by bike and picked up the movie.
I stayed in the hotel for the next two days.
For some reason, the editor of the office did not pick the frame of the person blocking the tank.
Instead, they picked up the frame of the man who climbed the tank.
The next day,. P.
Widely played version.
They called me at the hotel and I told them to take a closer look.
So my photo of the person blocking the tank was released more than 12 hours later than my competitor\'s.
I\'m glad it still has an impact 20 years later.
Four different versions, but one with the same focus.
Patrick Witty is an international image editor for The Times.
Comments are no longer accepted. Great stuff —
It is commendable to track them and collect their memories.
This article is good.
As a student living in China.
I found that the image of \"tank man\" was not blocked to a large extent, and I can often get information about Tianenmen Square from many websites. Wow.
It was the photographer of the student thesis, and later was a skilled worker stringer before the university.
Jeff videnner is very cool, he finished 1/30 shots in 800mm seconds! Steely indeed.
Ranked there with the best photographers of all time. Nice story.
Read well and better to remind people that while his fate and identity were unknown, he was not knocked down by a tank (
Many people in America believe).
BTW, I\'m looking at this in China, so they\'re not very strict with reviewing images (
Although I do realize that the English internet is much less censored than the Chinese people here). wow.
I don\'t know there are more than two versions of this photo.
The Tank Man documentary on the front line is also very interesting. thank you! !
Sadly, today, according to pbs frontlne docu, which was called Tank man a few years ago, the database in China and even the literal awareness of recent Chinese university graduates almost completely erased this specific image.
It\'s really terrible to see how successful media control is . . . . . .
Of course, the man in a white shirt is a hero to me!
Few people in the world have the courage to do what he does!
Or, it\'s actually a tank driver for parking.
Cheers for the conscience of the two of them on that famous day! Fascinating!
I love how this movie is secreted-in the toilet flush tank, in the tea bag . . . . . . Very witty.
The authorities failed in their struggle to control the claim.
I hope that one day Kurt/kilter will be reunited with Mr Viden.
The Meditations of the photographers did a lot for us to return to that day.
If there\'s a poster/T-
The shirts in these 4 photos are all together.
Like other critical moments in history, this can never be forgotten.
Isn\'t the footage of the brave show there?
Maybe it\'s a bigger feat because it requires a steady, steady hand and calm to keep the moment, not zoom, pan and over-shoot.
Wonderful memories.
A good evaluation of the difference in each picture and why each picture has its own strength and influence.
But what about the picture of him climbing the tank?
Every photo has different memories of this man! Rashomon!
The typical reporter of today is too courageous and incompetent to track down the nominal theme of the story --the real hero.
So the story is no longer about the tank man and his heroism, but about the self
A hero who overpowered his anger.
Congrats to you, children, and praise for your favorite subjects. yourselves.
Hey, this is the motto of today\'s media type --
Why report the news when you can play?
Did we find out who the Tank Man was?
No, but of course we know a lot of unrelated people who don\'t find out who he is, and I guess it\'s a bit of a relationship though I won\'t use the word enlightening.
Yes, thanks for the pictures.
I don\'t know there are several versions of this \"photo\" taken by different photographers.
Pay tribute to all of them for their bravery in reporting this terrible incident.
Of course, the most commendable thing is that the \"tank man\" faces the tank himself.
The courage needed to face the tank is unimaginable. -LanceExcellent.
I am in Beijing now and I am interested to see how many people will be in Tiananmen Square tomorrow and what measures China will take.
Amazing reviews of amazing photos and events.
This picture captures the true essence of the Chinese people\'s spirit-challenge and control.
Too bad, the Chinese have changed now.
All they care about is food, clothing and shelter.
Their idea of freedom is limited to money, they forget political freedom, and they forget the freedom of thought and speech.
I was studying at Berkeley when Tiananmen Square protested.
Many Chinese graduate students, including one of my friends and friends, have actively supported the sport.
After the massacre, they printed a poster that reproduced the picture of the tank man in black and white font with the title \"We stand with him \".
I also have that poster, and I intend to take it with me to a demonstration organized by Amnesty International in front of the Chinese embassy on June 4. So what?
How about someone standing in front of a row of tanks and Iraqis standing in front of Hummers and our tanks?
Those African-Americans who fight in Los Angeles sometimes do things that they may not even understand, many (
Different intentions)
Likes to add meaning, icons, and tags to these activities.
At least we know this guy hasn\'t been run over by a tank, so what does this picture mean?
This is a wonderful part of a story about China\'s massive liberation efforts.
Although the Chinese people\'s ignorance of these events is understandable, because their government has suppressed political rhetoric, it is unforgivable that our government is willing to seek free economic relations without constant pressure on the communist government to radically change its human rights record. Great story.
A classmate interned with CNN and managed to smuggle some tapes for them during the tragedy.
The shame of this incident being suppressed by Beijing is that it well reflects the Chinese soul displayed by young people, the people standing in front of the tank and the people who command the tank, on the scene.
The damage has no effect among them.
May Beijing join them now.
I\'m glad I read the article.
I always thought the lonely protester was killed.
This image of contempt proves the power of human determination and character.
Will we human beings know that everyone deserves peace and dignity?
Peace, love and hope are priceless.
Yes, great stuff-why are we reading the Times?
I\'m even worth paying if the New York Times gets stuck.
Most Westerners look at the image in their way, and I must say that this is a seemingly stupid way.
One thing to note is that in the early days of this movement, even after the army was sent to the city, almost everyone, not to mention the students, I think the army only maintains order without the use of force, resulting in the deaths of many people, and so does the army.
So, obviously, the man in a white shirt stands in front of the tank, not because he accepts the impending death, but because something usually happens between the parent and the child, I don\'t think their father or mother will beat them.
In fact, the tank did not stop in front of him, trying to avoid the crunch that most viewers ignored.
The man was not injured.
Is this fact widely reported in The New York Times?
I don\'t want to belittle that man, but I really think the image is really nonsense.
Why does the person seem to have only one bag on his back in one of the photos, while in the other he seems to have two.
What happened to his right hand bag?
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