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About dongguan scratch resistant dumb membrane application principle

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
About dongguan scratch resistant application principle of dumb film

& have spent   Dongguan matte film's main effect is capable of absorbing and scattering light, even if you don't dumb membranes observed in the sun to see the light reflection, this is matte film.  

    BOPP film tactility extinction effect is usually implemented through the study of the absorption and scattering of light. Because the plastic products to light absorb less commonly, film products for light absorption can be ignored, so the actual realization of extinction in the multiple scattering method.  

    Implement scattering extinction usually have two ways: one is to increase products surface scattering and extinction, improving old products from scattering and extinction of ontology. Surface scattering is implemented by improving the products surface roughness, when the incident light into rough surface, mirror replaced by diffuse reflection, diffuse reflection nature also obeys the laws of reflection, diffuse reflection will interfere with each other and make the scattering field intensity increases, the specular reflection intensity greatly reduced, achieve extinction. Processing molding conditions and material properties had a great influence on surface scattering.  

    Ontology light source, optical inhomogeneity of the ontology, optical inhomogeneity is due to the material inside the generated particles or molecules, atoms, has close relationship with material properties. * key factor is the micro products within the range of the refractive index difference, crystalline and amorphous area in a single polymer products for the refractive index difference between plastic alloy and composite micro range of refractive index difference and also greater than the pure polymer microtek facies of amorphous and refractive index difference.  

    When light through the products surface into the products inside, the products within the optical inhomogeneity bends light happens many times, every refraction with scattering light intensity caused by loss, increase the scattering of ontology, the decomposition products on the incident direction of the light will be greatly weakened.  

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