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About guarantee pre-coating film laminating temperature consistent work skills

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Pre-coating film laminating temperature about the warranty work consistent skills

when using pre-coating film laminating, to ensure the effect of the effect is good, generally in the process of work to keep the effect of temperature, such coated effect will be better.

in order to ensure the quality of composite, it is necessary to make the specification of laminating temperature data in the whole work process has always been consistent. In work interface area effectively absorb heating roller heat conduction.

2. As far as possible will be electric, air, heated roller heating roller transmission structure and transformed into electric heating, heat conduction oil, heating roller transmission structure. Depend on the characteristics of heat conduction oil medium, maintain a constant heating platen temperature. Ensure hot melt colloid fully melted.

(4) the use of electronic, mercury thermometer, etc. , to measure the heating roller surface temperature of different position, pay attention to each part of the heating roller surface temperature difference and the instrument shows the difference in temperature, through appropriate adjustment, control the actual temperature of the lower limit and upper limit in the specification data.

display colloid full fusion is an important symbol of good transparency, it is intuitionistic and convenient inspection method.

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