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About the pre-coating film with water dry after comprehensive comparison is introduced

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

about pre-coating film with water dry after comprehensive comparison of introduction

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& have spent   Pre-coating film adhesive used for low temperature hot melt adhesive resin, when used simply pressing roller heated to 80 degrees of above can, saves power drying process, especially suitable for large quantities of continuous operation, compared to other way, the efficiency can be increased by 20%. Now in the market of pre-coating film automatic laminating machine running speed in the 40 - 60 m/min.

    Pre-coating film use don't need to adjust the amount of glue and drying degree, the operator only for loading operation, a machine two, two machines, three people to operation, not affected by season, environmental impact, coated quality steady and consistent. Water-based resin dry after need to focus on and drying effect, coated effect is greatly influenced by climate and environment, due to product quality and environmental factors influence not coherent.

    Pre-coating film without drying, roll-up, namely volume namely stop, simple operation. Save electricity and no summer high temperature high fever, improve staff working environment, reduce the labor intensity. Water dry compound preparation and the aftermath trival, summer heat generated by the high temperature heat environment deterioration staff, increase staff labor intensity.

    Pre-coating film adhesive with organic polymer resin at low temperature, high transparency, resin coated products after light appear bright, matte is exquisite and elegant, significantly improve printing quality class, also is to improve the grade of the products of the company. Pre-coating film contains no solvents, no volatile, no invasion, no discoloration of paper, suitable area wide, especially suitable for sensitive to water solvent, such as gold and silver paper coated. Water dry after aqueous solvent, to be stronger than rubber oil thinners heating to volatilize, residual moisture infiltration on paper deformation or discoloration, degree will affect the next working procedure. Special does not apply to gold and silver cardboard coating line.  

    Based on analysis, compared with the dry after water laminating, pre-coating film material cost is the basic of considerable. But using pre-coating film can obviously improve print quality, and improve the work efficiency, reduce the management cost and improve the working environment. The comprehensive cost is lower than the water-based laminating, can completely replace the current way of water-based laminating.

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