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About what tip debugging pre-coating film laminating machine?

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

about what tip debugging pre-coating film laminating machine?


        Coated quality mainly three factors, temperature, pressure, speed, to ensure the quality of pre-coated laminating process yield under the impact of is crucial.

the first big factors: pre-coated laminating temperature

is the first hub of coated temperature, pre-coating film with adhesive is hot melt adhesive, temperature determines the molten state of hot melt adhesive, determines the flow of hot melt adhesive function, determines the hot melt adhesive molecules to BOPP film, printing ink layer, three kinds of material such as paper base material between molecular diffusion ability, but also decides the degree of crystallinity of hot melt adhesive, only accurately control the temperature of the working area, to make the pre-coating film in the thin film on solid hot melt glue line completely melt as viscous flow state, with the appropriate activity in order to realize the wettability on the surface of printed matter bonding, at the same time guarantee the instant after curing, the coated products to achieve smooth appearance, light enough, sub melting degree good, no crease. And be able to spin out the ink.

membrane process temperature control also influences and decides the effect of the change of address when heated by hot melt adhesive, and compete for the new thermal dynamics. Therefore, strict control of temperature is precoating Shanghai juji membrane machine fumo primary hub.

pre-coated laminating the second factor: pressure

in the accurate control of temperature and pressure should use proper pressure, because the paper itself is not very smooth surface, only under the effect of stress, the viscous flow state of hot melt adhesive will fully wetting in the process of air on the surface of the out of print paper printing surface.

produce colloid molecule to paper printed ink film, paper, molecular diffusion, dislocation, achieve good bonding between, form to print on the surface of the whole complete cover, make prints to brightness, no fog, sub flow smooth, no crease, bonding effect is good, in the case of not buckling, appropriately increase the pressure, to make the hot melt adhesive curing thermoplastic performance to full performance, to ensure the effect of the product after the draping plus, in the process and the impact of various physical divestitures make appliance has the strong ability to resist, combined with print in order to achieve the internal structure and surface state achieve perfect at the same speed.

the draping of coated paper was conducted in the dynamic movement, its movement speed determines the paper plastic cover fit in hot press fit in hot-pressing time duration of the work interface, also determines the laminating machine enter the temperature, pressure, and in the actual production process of paper-plastic combined with the actual bearing.

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