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Affect of the three main factors on the quality of the coating film coating

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Due to the use of the time is not long, the problem is more, according to the technology practice shows that affect pre-coating film laminating quality mainly temperature and pressure. Speed of three factors, therefore, correctly handle the relationship between the three, to ensure the quality of pre-coating film mulching and the influence to the process of production is very important. < br /> < br />,         Paper-plastic reply will is a combination of thermal and physical function as a result, the temperature, pressure, speed is the realization of the physical combination of three basic factors, correctly handle the relation of the three is the key to operation technology.

          Temperature: is the first key, tectorial pre-coating film with adhesive is hot melt adhesive, temperature determines the molten state of hot melt adhesive, determines the flow of hot melt adhesive performance, determines the hot melt adhesive molecules to BOPP film, printing ink layer, three kinds of material such as paper base material between molecular diffusion ability, but also decides the degree of crystallinity of hot melt adhesive, only the right to control the temperature of the working area, to make the pre-coating film in the thin film on solid hot melt glue line completely melt as viscous flow state, with the appropriate liquidity in order to realize the wettability on the surface of printed matter bond, guarantee immediately after composite curing at the same time, make the film products meet exterior level off, light enough, sub melting degree good, no crease. And be able to spin out the ink.

          Effect of process temperature control also influences and decides the effect of the change of address when heated by hot melt adhesive, and compete for the new thermal dynamics. Therefore, strict control of temperature is the first secret of pre-coating film laminating. Temperature control is suitable for the range of about 80 ~ 100 ℃.

          Pressure: in the right control combined with the temperature at the same time also should use the appropriate pressure, because the paper itself is not very smooth surface, only under the effect of stress, the viscous flow state of hot melt adhesive will only be in the air on the surface of the out of print process fully wetting surface of paper printing. Producing colloid to paper printed ink film, paper, molecules diffusion, dislocation, achieve good bonding between, form to print on the surface of the whole complete coverage, to print, no fog, light rubber flow smooth, no crease, bonding effect is good, in the case of not buckling, appropriately increase the pressure, to make the hot melt adhesive curing thermoplastic function to the full performance, to ensure the effect of the product in the process of compound after plus, impact, the impact of various physical divestitures have stronger ability to resist, ( The hot melt adhesive peel, etc. ) Composite print in order to achieve the unification of the internal structure and surface state to achieve perfect speed.

          Speed: in the paper is coated on dynamic compound movement, the speed is determined by the composite paper-plastic hot-pressing fit in hot-pressing time duration of the work interface, also determines the fumo machine input temperature, pressure, and in the process of actual production of paper-plastic composite the practical value of the bearing. When the effect of temperature and pressure is fixed, the change of the velocity will enable resin coated effect change, and due to the limited supply of maximum temperature and pressure, will only by less than the direction of value, and with the speed up, drop apparently, hot pressing force recession, worsen composite effect, run too fast, binding not firm, there will be fog, too slow, inefficient, and even foaming. So compound speed, decided the pre-coating film and paper prints achieve bonding time. According to our experience general speed control in the folio 10 - in a minute The 20 or so more appropriate. ( The velocity of the electron laminating machine due to the hot pressing roller is small, should slow down)

          Temperature, pressure, speed the practical value of the three factors have certain scope. Because of the different equipment, this needs us to find the best in practice the role of values, to ensure that the composite effect of pre-coating film as well as the process of glue nail under cover of spine from shell, no bubbles create favorable conditions. < br />

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