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Aluminized pre-coating film of a few big characteristics

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          1, appearance, the surface of the aluminum plating film should level off, smooth, without buckling or only a small amount of pleats, no obvious uneven, no obvious impurity and frozen block, no spot, air bubble, plating leakage holes and other ills, there is no obvious light bars, the phenomenon such as surface of Yin and Yang.

          2, aluminum plating film thickness should be uniform, the thickness of the horizontal, vertical deviation is small, and deviation distribution more uniform. No obvious convex rib on the reel and prone to buckling when the composite.

          3, aluminum plating layer thickness, the thickness of the aluminized layer have direct relationship with the barrier property of plating aluminum film, with the increase of aluminum plating layer thickness, the oxygen and water vapor, the light transmittance of gradually reduce, accordingly, aluminum plating film blocking performance is improved. Aluminum plating layer thickness, therefore, should conform to the standard requirements, and coating shall be uniform, or cut off to reach the expected effect.

          4, aluminum plating layer adhesion, good fastness, otherwise easy to take off the aluminium occur, causing quality problems. High quality vacuum aluminum plating film in the process of machining to coating on the surface of the aluminum plating film of aluminum plating a certain amount of bottom glue, improve the aluminum plating layer and base material of the membrane adhesive power, thus ensuring aluminized layer and firm, not prone to fall off; Then, should also be in aluminized layer coated on the two-component polyurethane adhesive for top coating, in order to protect the aluminized layer does not wear out.

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