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Basal membrane technology to reduce the cost pre-coating film, widen the pre-coating film applications

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Touch film precoating technology fully replace the coating technology has already become inevitable trend.

basal membrane technology reduces the pre-coating film cost, broadening the application fields pre-coating film

& have spent Precoating touch membrane for safety, environmental protection, energy saving, etc are widely used in developed countries, but because of its high manufacturing costs, and in other parts of the developing countries in Asia, has not been a comprehensive promotion.

the technological process of traditional pre-coating film for coating agent, from the bottom of the basal membrane surface coating with hot melt adhesive compound after drying. Development of thin film technology, creating the bottomless TuJi membrane, modified on the surface of a thin film, basal membrane surface without using bottom coating agent, can be directly with hot melt adhesive compound. Bottomless TuJi membrane application, improved the pre-coating film processing performance and physical performance, simplify the production process, the precoating technology reduced the investment of production equipment, reduce the consumption, save the cost.

    Coating technology is mainly used in the basement membrane BOPP film and BOPET film. Along with the progress of the film production technology, the increasingly rich varieties and functions of the basal membrane, its diversity and functional decision and promotes the progress of coating technology, and the expansion of application fields, such as industrial printing area, have a scratch resistant film, touch the basement membrane film, antibacterial film, color film, high and film, pearl film, metallized film, etc. ; With commercial printing base membrane has the digital film, card protection film, balanced heat shrinkable film, laser film, printing film, etc; Special areas such as building insulation with base membrane has balanced weather resistance film, anti-aging film, heat insulation film, explosion-proof membrane, etc.

    With the strong development of China's emerging in recent years, manufacturers and vendors of the United States and Europe halt production restructuring, the pre-coating film industry structure to China tilt, global pre-coating film products demand degree of dependence on China will further increase. In industrial application in the field of high-end product market, Chinese manufacturers have to compete with European and American manufacturers strength, and gradually replace; In the commercial printing market, European and American manufacturers because of the rich development experience, high technical content, still have a certain competitive advantage, but due to the European and American manufacturers commercial printing products high cost problem still exists, technology upgrades and capacity increases with the Chinese manufacturers, European and American manufacturers will be in the commercial printing market in the face of challenge of Chinese manufacturers.

    On the use of touch membrane, the use of hot laminating or water-based glue joint again after coating and drying technology, the new touch film laminating in paper surface, so as to achieve a smooth touch the soft handle, special and has high transparency, to ensure that no blind spot after laminating lost. The technology suitable for use in a luxury boxes, the advanced book cover, brand paper products, etc. Widely used in the art of printing industry.

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