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BOPP anti-fog film little knowledge

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          1, product light: 0. The thickness of 4. Product is thin and guarantee its strength, good for heat transfer and installation.

          2, save electricity: bei root anti-fog film adopts full of glue directly apply the stickers at the back of the lens, is advantageous to the heat conduction, to improve the utilization of energy.

          3, safety performance: bei root anti-fog film all use high quality raw materials in accordance with the international standard manufacturing, product quality in accordance with relevant international standards. With the method of direct apply to stick at the back of the lens, except for heat conduction, and integrating waterproof mirror, security mirror. Tide state work no leakage phenomenon.

          4, a variety of style: Mr Root anti-fog film heating area can make it square, oval and round a variety of shapes, & have spent   In addition to meet the anti-fog mirror function, and fully meet the demand of personalized design, to create beautiful and comfortable environment.

          5, easy to install: anti-fog film adopts full rubber surface design, make the combination of diaphragm and the lens more simple, the production efficiency is higher.

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