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Bopp pre-coating film corona processing steps ( Below)

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Factors affecting the effects of corona treatment mainly has the following kinds:

& have spent         3, production line velocity

& have spent         Production line speed is another important factor to affect the corona treatment effect. Bopp pre-coating film is in a very short period of time through high voltage electrode gap, and make the dyne worth in order to improve the surface, the duration of stay in the high voltage electrode gap, can affect the corona treatment effect of thin film.

          Corona treatment electrode voltage, therefore, is to increase along with the change of the production line speed to make corresponding adjustment, increases as the speed of production line.

          4, electrode exhaust air

& have spent         In the process of corona treatment, with the air ionization, produce plasma, which contains such as electronic, oxygen ions, ozone, plasma osmotic membrane and damage other chemical bonds, inspire free radical and oxidation and oxygen ions play a role in polarization, these groups can impact on membrane surface wetting characteristics. On the other hand, the concentration of plasma in the thin film surface will directly affect the effect of corona treatment. In general, the electrode, the greater the exhaust valve opens thin film surface treatment dyne value will be less; On the other hand, the electrode exhaust valve opening is smaller, surface treatment film dyne value.

          5, surface material

& have spent         Bopp pre-coating film production will involve different material and adding masterbatch. Type can be divided into heat sealing and heat sealing type two kinds, respectively in the surface of basic material is copolymer and homopolymer, due to the difference of the material itself, being the same after corona treatment, the surface tension has certain difference, in general, for copolymer, such as commonly used at home and abroad of SOLVAY KS413, MONTEL PLZ679, BASEAL EP5C37, such as the surface of the infiltrated plasma membrane efficiency is greater than homopolymer, so heat sealing type of film will be more easy to achieve higher strength.

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