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BOPP pre-coating film products use the point

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          A, bopp pre-coating film with EVA ( Colloid for hot melt glue) , in use is associated with draping quality of colloid heat melt, flow ping. The key to grasp well in the operating temperature, pressure, speed of three key parameters, the rule is: in the guarantee colloid under the premise of fully melting on the surface and the production speed when the temperature and pressure to increase relatively.

          2, the amount of ink in print, different versions of completely different, the same version also has certain change, and pre-coating film colloid quantitative is fixed, as a result of ink in printing when most of the mixture is the solvent, the solvent most of colloid and base membrane has a role in melt up, so the print in the effect of the solvent residue control is important to the whole effect of the quality control is a link.

          Three, many use of solvent-based glue labeling ( The coating) Manufacturers often appear after draping products binding foaming phenomenon, some even though no blisters but can not bend stamping, the reason and the use of coated technology and colloid is directly related to print before they can have a certain effect of solvent residue, and the type of coated coating the glue is not completely volatile solvent after baked road, residual amount is larger, so the draping within products after double solvent is more, from the adhesive solid content analysis, the type of coated coating the solid content of only 5-7 grams per square meter, and difficult to control, and pre-coating film colloid content in more than 10 grams per square meter, which is why solvent the coating effect of the causes of blister products more easily.

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