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Briefly about pre-coating film dry type composite technology

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
About the pre-coating film dry compound process description

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a, pre-coating film dry type composite technology

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& have spent Overview

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& have spent   Pre-coating film laminating, also known as plastic, rubber, film, plastic film coated with adhesive, and after being coated products after heating, pressure processing technology of sticking together. Surface coated to make product more a thin, transparent layer of plastic film ( 10 - 20p,m) To protect the printed matter, increase the aesthetic effect, widely used in the printing of publications, all kinds of packaging products, advertising and digital quick printing, and other fields.

    Pre-coating film laminating technology development up to now, mainly divides into the wet glue coating composite ( Also known as the coating of coated) Process, pre-coating film dry type composite ( Also known as pre-coated laminating) Process and water wet ( Also known as water-based laminating) Three categories.

    ( 1) Use a large number of organic solvents containing benzene as fumo plastic. Benzene is a kind of strong carcinogenic, disability, consultations for substances, long-term in the laminating workshop work prone to acute and subacute benzene poisoning benzene poisoning. In addition, there are flammable, explosive, such problems as environmental pollution and fire hazard.

    ( 2) Residues of harmful substances in the products. Benzene, alcohols is strong volatile substances, in the film coating process and in product formed in a short period of time most evaporate, but there are still a few residues in products, pollution of the environment and consumers, to a certain extent damage to consumers' health.

    ( 3) Production process and complex, the need for adhesive solution mixing, liquid glue coating and drying process, easy to cause environmental pollution and toxicity of the product. Around with increasing the concentration of organic solvent, easy to electrostatic and emergency fire because of the thin film material. In recent 10 years, the domestic workers due to the effect of production caused by fire and poisoning.

    ( 4) The coated paper and film materials is difficult to recycle. Although the paper products can be recycled, but need after coated artificial separation after processing, economic doesn't work. Nowadays, our country papermaking fibre source 80% depend on recycling of waste paper, including paper wool, paper edge, etc. , and the mass adopted coated paper products decoration ( Especially the coating of coated) Processing, can't separate the paper and plastic film, the edge of the waste paper and coated paper, paper of hair will not be able to recycle, causing serious waste of resources. At the same time, the film non-biodegradable material, cause the white pollution, use for a long time still can endanger human body health.

    Traditional glue ( Solvent) Laminating technology emerged in the 1960 s, 80 s improvement for pre-coating film ( Hot melt adhesive type is given priority to) Dry type composite technology, in recent years, and introduced a water-based glue ( Emulsion type) Wet composite process, form the form's combination of three kinds of technology and production.

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