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Coated to touch membrane print color effect

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Coated as one of the most important aspects of the finishing, printed after the effect of the impact on the color, of course, also cannot be ignored, and tactility of membrane is more notable.

          There are several reasons cause partial color print. Such as pressure discomfort, ink roller, printing ink and printing substrates and poor material, can cause printing color difference. And coated is also one of the reasons. So, prepress design need of color after coated color difference to forecast and control.
          Effect of added specular reflection and diffuse reflection ability to print the physical changes, pre-coating film surface will produce light reflection effect, can make the color saturation and hue changes. Blue, green wait for color after coated, the color may change from shallow to deep. Dumb membrane effect on the color of the print more than light film. Common print yellow, taste, green, black and fold the printed density or basic can't more than 1 color density. 8.

          While light membrane, can make the color density increase, be dumb membrane, will reduce the color density. Among them, the results of lightness of before and after light film laminating. And dumb film coated before and after the change is bigger, the results of lightness of especially the dark color is more dark print.

          In touch the process of heating composite film laminating process, also may make print color. When the temperature is high, to reduce the time of the paper contact temperature, improve the effect of speed accordingly.

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