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ETFE materials have what special?

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          ETFE was Beijing's water cube appearance is to use the membrane material, what's so special about it, please find the answer in the next article.

          ETFE materials often make a cushion used in the membrane structure. ETFE is transparent structure in the superior quality of alternative materials, over the years for its many advantages in many engineering is proven to be reliable and economical and practical roofing material.

          The film is by the artificial high intensity fluoropolymer ( ETFE) And its special anti sticking surface has the high antifoulant, easy to clean. Usually the rain to clear the main dirt.

          The service life of ETFE at least 25 35 years, it is used in permanent ideal material of multi-layer removable roof structure. The membrane material used in the span of 4 m more two or three layers of inflatable support structure, can also according to the geometry of special projects and climate conditions, increase the membrane span. Membrane length on the basis of easy installation, for 15 - commonly 30 meters. Small span single layer also can use smaller size. < br />

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