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False alarm over price hike of plastic film cost for silage

by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-09-23
Although worried that the cost of plastic film will rise sharply, industry insiders now said that the increase will be 2-4 per roll.
Prices rose 5 PCs compared to last year, well below 810/roll (13pc)
Some in the industry forecast growth in the end of 2005.
Teagasc expert Dermot forriwal says the cost of the film will affect the decision farmers make for their first childcut silage.
Farmers with fixture facilities may decide to produce less bags and more pit silage, he said.
Despite the high cost of bundling silage, he warned that there was no space on the plastic cover to remove it.
While it is normal practice for Irish farms to use four layers of film, Teagasc recommends that there should be six layers of packages that will be treated in large quantities, used for sheep or high dry matter.
Seamus O\'Callaghan from Durapak Agri said that while nothing is set in stone, the price of a roll of 750mm plastic is from 75 to 82-
83, including VAT.
The lower price will apply for a large volume from farmers who pay cash and collect it themselves.
He said the higher prices only apply to farmers who buy two or three volumes on credit from merchants.
Although oil prices were flat with last year, O\'Callaghan said that the rise in oil prices did not have a huge impact as predicted in last October --December.
\"We thought for a moment, the plastic will be 8-
He said: \"This will kill the industry, but the price of the resin (raw material)
Remain relatively static, rising only in the past few months.
\"Due to the direct reasons for the rise in oil prices, plastics manufactured in June may be more seriously affected by the increase in resin costs.
Pat Cahill of Volac says the cost of resin has risen by 2-
Plastic rolls have been increasing in recent months.
\"I expect movie prices to rise significantly from last year, but the fierce competition between seven or eight manufacturing companies will ensure that the rise in movie prices is controlled,\" he said . \"
\"The price of Volac will be from 74-
Including VAT and taxes, Mr. Cahill said.
The scope is determined by the type of customer: cash or credit, bulk or single unit sales.
Irish polyethylene Agriculture Film Visqueen, Silotite and Red Setter will be from 78-
82 per volume, including VAT and taxes.
This is about 2.
Sean O\'Connor said the price last year was £ 50.
The increased cost of silage, he said, is about 10c/bundle, that is, 1/ac.
O\'Connor said that the sharp rise in oil prices in recent weeks did not have a significant impact on the cost of the film, as most films have been produced at lower January and February resin prices.
The company\'s net packaging price will remain unchanged this year for 140/volume VAT, including 3,000 volumes.
The volume of 3,600 will cost 182/roll.
The Web packaging is made of polypropylene, and the price increase of polypropylene is not affected by the price increase of polyethylene that makes plastic films.
At the same time, Irish agricultural film plastic group (IFFPG)
The company is considering establishing a register of farm plastic suppliers to improve the traceability of plastics.
The purpose of the register is to prevent \"freedom\"
Passenger \"escape producer tax of 127/t
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