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Farmland waste plastics membrane pollution

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          How to solve the problem of environmental pollution by plastic film mulching cultivation in China? Is a biodegradable plastic replace the current use of PE film. Although the research on biodegradable materials in the world made great achievements, but still far from ideal use phase. Corps agricultural technology extending stations and conduct the biodegradable film test of major companies at home and abroad.

          Problems is: after use, increase yield, or close to normal PE film price on the high side, also quite ordinary PE film about 2 times. One thing is for sure, biodegradable film instead of ordinary PE film is the ultimate trend. There is a long GongCunQi. The second is to do a good job of ordinary PE plastic recycling. Goal is not owed to a new account, gradually also old, the new laying mulch should reach more than 85%, recovery of the wineries residual film recovery can not meet the standard, should be prohibited from ploughing up the land, the residual film turns into the soil, then the residual film recovery from the soil, cost should increase the power of 4 5 times. Hug before planting film is only the surface 5 cm in his arm out of the recycling residue membrane, in serious operation state, the recovery is not easy to achieve 75%, turn to the soil after the mulch and finely more easily separated from soil. White pollution farmland to do 3 it is to carry out the applicability of different feature film work.

          According to different crops, different climate conditions and the economic situation, determine whether or not to use plastic mulching cultivation, the general principle is that in effect is not obvious, as far as possible not to use plastic film mulching cultivation. The use of degradable film, PE film, difficulty of mechanical recycling should be based on different crops, comprehensive factors such as adaptability, increase yield, the use of selective, tomato, peanut, potato, corn, tobacco leaves, in particular, is preferred to promote crops.

          Cotton mechanical harvesting and the use of degradable film exists the contradiction of restricting each other, machine adopt strict in three wire into the seed cotton, especially the remnant membrane fragments, mixed with machine seed cotton, a strong impact on cotton quality, degradation of membrane degradation speed, the surface of the part when harvested can reach fully biodegradable, may impact on cotton production; Harvest time has started cracking the surface part, pieces of residual film easy suction hopper; Residual membrane intact before harvest, the difficulty is very big, need to continue to strengthen research. This piece of cotton production in China, especially in the cold, cotton, PE plastic mechanical recovery in a long period of time is still a main direction, only in xinjiang cotton area reached more than 3000, ten thousand mu of plastic film mulching.

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