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FSSAI issues food packing rules

by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-10-04
It is forbidden to use newspapers and materials made of recycled plastic;
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, July 1, 2019 (FSSAI)
It is forbidden to use packaging materials made of recycled plastic, including plastic carried with you
Bags for packing, storing, carrying or distributing food.
The Authority stipulates that the deadline for food enterprises to comply with the new regulations is July 1, 2019, and the new regulations now replace all the provisions of the packaging requirements specified in food safety and standards (
Packaging and labeling)
2011, regulation.
According to Pawan Agarwal, FSSAI chief executive, the new packaging regulations will raise food safety standards in India to a new level.
He pointed out that there were difficulties in implementing these regulations, especially in unorganized departments, loose packaging materials, and said that there was sufficient preparation time before the regulations came into effect.
He added that prior to the implementation of the new packaging regulations, stakeholder consultations and mass awareness building between consumers and food businesses.
In addition to the general and specific requirements for packaging materials, the regulations also provide for the overall migration and specific migration restrictions of contaminants in plastic packaging materials.
The regulations provide for a prompt list of packaging materials for different food categories.
According to this provision, the packaging materials used for packaging or storing food shall comply with the Indian standards set out in the schedule.
The new regulations are based on two studies conducted by the authority through the Indian Packaging Institute (IIP)
Mumbai and National Testing Center (NTH), Kolkata.
Studies have shown that packaging materials used by organized departments are largely safe, but there are concerns about the use of packaging materials by unorganized/informal departments.
In addition, there are serious concerns about the safety of loose packaging materials.
\"It is in the interest of all food operators (FBOs)
Follow the high standards of packaging so that the quality of food and the safety of consumers are not compromised.
On the premise that the government expects reasonable and cost
Friendly corrections, which will benefit consumers and also improve bars across the industry, \"said Ravi Wazir, food and catering consultant.
Awareness of the carcinogenic effects of inks and dyes, these regulations also prohibit the use of newspapers and other materials to package or package food, and include the corresponding Indian standards for printing inks used in food packaging.
FSSAI said in a statement that the main purpose of the packaging is to protect the contents of the food from microbial, chemical, physical and atmospheric pollution and to protect the food, thus protecting the health of consumers.
Good packaging also ensures that the sensory properties or ingredients of the food do not change during packaging.
Packaging is essential to promote food safety and extend shelves
It said that food security should be strengthened by living.
As new food quality standards have been introduced, FSSAI will focus on implementing regulations without affecting the business.
In 2018, FSSAI accelerated the process of setting standards and notified 27 new food standards.
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