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How to eliminate electrostatic when laminating machine coated?

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          When laminating machine of the effect of electrostatic too big how to deal with?

          Autumn winter season, the paper is easily affected by static electricity, especially in dry north, in the case of Qingdao, due to the small indoor air humidity, greatly reduce water molecules, plus heat, electrostatic is very big. Electrostatic big easy to dust absorption, for cold framed coated that will bring great influence. So laminating machine machine can be connected to ground, with a ground wire, electrostatic discharge in charged before operation, be sure to give hands to fly, you can wear in addition to electrostatic bracelets, or touch other grounding metal objects.

          In addition, also should pay attention to indoor air humidity; Research data show that indoor air humidity under 30% when, is advantageous to the static friction, if the temperature increased to 45%, electrostatic, produced.

          The influence of the electrostatic particles for laminating machine is inevitable, especially highlights is to pay attention to, but we are still able to influence will reduce to a minimum. Many large printing plant in automatic laminating machine need to use the ionic wind rods and other professional static elimination equipment, its strong ionic wind to remove electrostatic dust and foreign bodies on the surface of the object.

          Now there are a lot of static PE film, PET film coating on the principle of electrostatic magnetic to paste PVC electrostatic membrane diaphragm, this much for anti-counterfeiting printing label, the non-drying label, bar code label, such as coated wide is not suitable for smaller by laminating mounting applications.

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