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How to improve the curing rate of bopp pre-coating film

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Bopp pre-coating film use hot melt adhesive curing time is 10 - 15s。 Pre-coating film curing rate of composite products, when the coated production, depends on the cooling rate. Cooling fast, fast curing. Slow cooling hot melt adhesive generated crystals. The rapid cooling can make the hot melt adhesive part. When using extremely fast cooling, hot melt adhesive viscosity increases quickly, link to movement, nucleation is very difficult. When heating up again, will not be obvious melting magnetic temperature zone. No matter from pre-coating film composite product requirements to finalize the design as soon as possible, or pre-coating film complex, binding package such as search film again after processing temperature tolerance requirements, curing rate, all is the sooner the better. < br /> improve the curing speed has the following two ways: < br /> & have spent         A, use compound working temperature as high as possible, with extremely close to the hot melt adhesive crosslinking ( Curing hardens) Change ( Hot round or oval bubble) The critical temperature for the working area.
          Second, the temperature as low as possible to create complex, leaving the heating roller cooling of the small area, leave the heating roller moment or a very short period of time, into the cooling zone temperature is lower, the better, such as conditional, with air conditioning manufacturing cryogenic cooling area as much as possible. Generally speaking, on the complex, and is combined with electric fans, also help pre-coating film complex, fast curing.
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