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How to prevent the pre-coating film products to take off the film

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
How to use the pre-coating film can prevent the effect of product release, the problem is that many operators are required to understand, only know its principle can better prevent stripping phenomenon. In the process of effect of residual organic solvents in the rubber, to be kept in paper-plastic composite movement. For out of the rubber matrix with atmospheric volatile escape, organic solvent molecules of this kind of sport is in different directions at the same time.
          Part in the middle of the rubber, to soften the glue sticky; Thrust through a rubber, another part of the paper, in the printing ink layer diffusion, the stone bad ink on paper adhesion and penetration; Part of this through the rubber, the membrane movement, gather in the thin film surface, after blocked on the membrane swelling, make it longer, local bump into a bubble. Soften the sticky glue, reduce the thermosetting polymer material stick relay; The spread of the ink spread out, with paper attached damage; Membrane swelling, will to outside stretching away from paper printed substrate. Using the wet glue coating composite technology, sooner or later, or light or heavy, inevitably appear blister or take off the membrane.
          Hot melt adhesive used in the process of pre-coating film coated without any solvent. There is no organic solvent for rubber to soften and swelling of the spread of the printing ink, thin films, and so on. Polymer materials after thermoplastic stick relay from the heat source, and durable. So can effectively prevent the resin coated products blister and take off the film quality accidents.
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