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How to Shrink Wrap Posters

by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-09-23
Shrink packaging is a great way to protect shipping or display posters.
This plastic film exposed to shrinkage at high temperatures can be purchased at any process supply store.
You can buy a shrink wrap kit that includes shrink wrap roll, dispenser with wand, film separator rod and hot gun.
Alternatively, you can purchase the shrink pack and hot gun separately, as this is the only two products required for the shrink pack poster.
Clean the flat working surface.
Plastic packaging attracts dust and particles, so keep the surface clean as much as possible.
Place a heat resistant pad at the top of the sheet.
This pad protects your surface from damage.
Take out enough plastic film to cover the front and back of the poster.
You should allow at least 6 inch of plastic on each side.
Cut shrink packaging using sharp scissors or shrink packaging cutting knives.
Put your poster face down in the middle of the movie.
Fold over each edge of the movie so they can lie on the back of the poster.
This step is very similar to the gift. wrapping.
Set your hot gun to \"hot \".
\"Heat the back of the poster with a hot gun.
Take a 6 inch or more gun from the surface and slowly move the gun along the back of the poster.
From the back you pull all the seams to the back of the poster so the front is smooth.
Turn over the poster and let the print side face up.
Check to make sure the front is completely smooth.
If there are wrinkles, move the hot gun slowly until the front is smooth.
Move the hot gun along the perimeter of the poster.
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