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How to use the pre-coating film to prevent pollution in the production

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
The glue wet coated foaming technology existing products and the quality problem of the membrane, curly, serious problems also exist in the process of production to produce pollution.
          The wet glue coating in the laminating process using solution type adhesives, organic solvent accounts for about 80%. Type laminating machine, a 800 mm per minute to the outside world contains a high concentration of organic solvent volatilization gas emissions of about 40 cubic meters.
          Choking smell, poor production conditions. Sucked the toxic fumes, make production workshop staff not only appear the symptom such as dizziness, forgetfulness, lack of power, will also spread to the world and the impact around the normal life and rest of the masses.
          In mixing plastic fluid, cleaning coating mechanism, treatment by rubber roller volume in thin film and so on a day-to-day operations, inevitably will direct contact with the organic solvent by hand.
          Liquid organic solvents can be through skin to enter the body without injury. Reversible combining with the protein in the blood, the damage of brain, adrenal gland, liver and blood, destroy the normal health.
          Low dose of organic solvent gas for a long time, can make the nerve of the cardiovascular system, liver, blood hematopoietic system damage, such as plant nerve dysfunction syndrome or other conditions.
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