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Import pre-coating film three characteristics

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Import pre-coating film product introduction: < br /> < br /> & have spent         1, laminating process without using solvents, eliminating the use and storage of flammable solvents of fire hazard, benzene and other pollutants and emissions, non-toxic, tasteless, therefore, can contact with food, food hygiene standards, is in line with international trends of environmental friendly coatings ( Framed film) Products. < br /> < br />,         2, compared with solvent laminating process, using this product can make print more flat light, colour and lustre bright-coloured. Because of higher adhesion strength, can effectively prevent prints after stamping, concave and convex bubbles and take off the film, and so on and so forth, on the after effect of UV, hot stamping, such as technology, widely used in wine box, cosmetic box, arm in arm bag printed packing, etc. < br /> < br />,         3, compared with traditional ordinary film laminating process, operating more simple, no glue, glue and drying procedures, such as by hot roller temperature meet the requirements, no additional equipment, has the effect of better quality, more environmentally friendly, safer, more efficient and other advantages. Material: BOPP film + EVA rubber < br /> < br /> & have spent         Characteristics: strong softness and flatness, environmental sanitation, low density, good transparency, strong chemical resistance, low temperature draping, ink color stability after complex. After which the light membrane, transparent luster, multiple colour enhanced obviously; Dumb film extinction and maintain color.
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