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Introduction to the meaning and significance of laminating process

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          What is the effect of process

& have spent         Laminating process is known as framed, film, plastic glue, that after the completion of the printing process on the surface of printed matter by glue and pressing compound plastic film and print, increase the product wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure dirty, a kind of technology to improve product quality. Generally divided into two kinds, according to the craft pre-coating film form and the apply form; According to the thin film material can be beamsplitters and dumb; According to the base material and BOPP film, EVA, BOPET, LDPE, etc.

          Laminating technology advantages

& have spent         When the effect of the main function of protection and adornment effect, especially in the aspect of post-press processing proportion is very big, we all do remember when we go to school as a child like books outside the bread a layer of paper to protect the cover, is to prevent the damage of books in the process we use. A laminating technology after the problem is solved, after laminating of books more smooth surface, high brightness, wear-resisting, resistance to water, don't have to protect with package paper. Don't know if you have the impression, anyway, I was a little girl came into contact with the first effect of books, feel is not coated with different. Laminating technology not only makes up for the printed book this defect, and in the printing process of small flaws, after coated can also be covered.

          The present situation of our laminating process

& have spent         Many advantages of laminating process, make it into our country in the 1980 s, in a very short period of time received the recognition from the packaging, printing, packaging and other industries, production and usage are soaring.

          With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people demand the quality of life, awareness of environmental protection is becoming more and more strong. Water pollution caused by the coating technique and pre-coating film coated products cannot be recycled, two major environmental problems. Countries also corresponding to the new policy, released in 2002's 32 order: solvent-based coating laminating machine, namely manufacturers do not allow the production and sale of the aircraft.

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