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Laminating technology application in commercial printing

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          General commercial printing will be dry, wet film laminate and precoat effect of three kinds of forms. Through folding brochures and other printed materials on the surface of membrane processing, make the product more better, more in line with the business purpose.

          Wet membrane process is usually the film adhesive coating on the plastic film by laminating machine and print together, through the process of drying or drying processing get finished. Dry film also need to put the film adhesive coating on the plastic film, the difference is that dry film need to wait for dry after finishing adhesive bonding with print. So dry and wet film laminate the film adhesive is different, because their craft is different, the required equipment is not the same. Pre Shanghai juji membrane is to put the adhesive coating on the plastic film, after corona treatment such as adhesives and plastic membrane fusion, only when the film heating pressure can be. Pre Shanghai juji membrane relative to the printing shop to compare save trouble, energy saving, because adhesive and plastic fusion is pre-coating film manufacturer, printing complete compound membrane in a pressurized with heating equipment.

          Each have advantages and disadvantages of these three kinds of membrane process, pre-coating film laminating convenient operation, flexible production, without solvent smell, polluting the environment, good working conditions, this method will not produce effect of bubble, take off a layer, such as fault, on the surface of high transparency. But at the same time there is film products can't degradation to recycling, etc. Dry and wet film laminate is a traditional way of compound membrane, has a long history, so the technology is relatively mature, good cost control in the process of film.

          With the improving of the people's living conditions and the development of science and technology, membrane technology in the form of the future will be more, believe in the near future more human way of film will be humans developed.

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