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Maharashtra: Plastic ban relief on cards for garment, food packaging material industries

by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-10-04
However, plastic manufacturers must follow state government guidelines when using exempt plastic packaging materials.
The state government can decide to waive the plastic ban on clothing and food packaging materials.
However, plastic manufacturers must follow state government guidelines when using exempt plastic packaging materials.
The inspection-free materials include food packaging, clothing packaging materials, etc.
The decision came into effect after discussion by the chief minister\'s office (CMO)
And the plastics manufacturing Association on Thursday.
A senior government official of the National Environment Department, who is a senior member
\"We are willing to work together, but plastic manufacturers have to comply with the directives set by the government,\" the level meeting said.
Plastic manufacturers must now mention the name, address and contact number of their registered company.
In addition, they must also obtain a registration number from the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB)
, This must be mentioned on the packaging materials.
This will determine responsibility.
Another official said: \"There must be a powerful system for buying back plastic.
It should be an integrated system with a strong network of pickers, waste dealers and NGOs to ensure zero emissions of plastic waste.
In order to consume a large amount of waste plastic, it has been decided to force the use of 8% of the waste plastic to build roads.
In order for the ban to function effectively, the plastics association and people need to be part of this plastic ban campaign.
\"We have made it clear that plastic bags will be completely banned.
The size of plastic packaging materials shall not be less than 50 microns.
However, the chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and the Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam will answer the final call and send a notice accordingly, \"said another official who asked to be anonymous.
Meanwhile, Sanjay Shah, president of the flexible packaging industry and Traders Association, confirmed the meeting with the Chief Minister\'s Office officials.
\"We welcome the government\'s ban on plastic packaging materials.
It will give us great relief.
We\'re going to follow the government-
The prescribed guidelines, \"Shah said.
Rajesh Malde, plastic food packaging trader at Matunga, said there needs to be enough time to follow and enforce such strict rules.
\"We have invested a lot of money in this industry.
Our family depends on it.
We are ready to change our business model.
But the government should provide all possible help.
Otherwise, our family will go to the streets . \"
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