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Main application range of Bopp pre-coating film

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          BOPP pre-coating film is generally used to wrap a soft material in the form of thin film, the main ingredient for polypropylene, is very common in the market.

          Because of its non-toxic environmental protection, the most distinguishing feature of high tensile strength and good toughness. Manufacture with different composite masterbatch phase after get a more comprehensive performance. Good transparency, such as film itself can be carried out after corona treatment chromaticity printing get ideal effect; After the film coating resin adhesive solution can get heat sealing, can be used to seal; And after coated adhesive can be used to make packing tape, etc.

          BOPP pre-coating film is actually around our lives, candy wrappers, milk box of outer membrane, and smooth the surface of the cigarette case film paper actually is it. So its application is very extensive, and it is environmental protection, colorless, non-toxic pollution-free, will not cause damage to natural environment, so the majority of merchants willing to use the film as their product packaging.

          The packaging products are widely use, throughout the food industry, textile industry, etc. Good transparency, it can clearly see the product information and you can also clear to printing on the surface, the information will not make the information of fuzzy problems. And it's a great tensile strength, can stretch in a reasonable range, will not be easily prick, can very good protect the product information, and integrity.

          BOPP pre-coating film production methods which are frequently used at present is flat membrane, the production of the film strength is higher, but should pay attention to is not at the edge of the film have gouges where whole pieces were missing, otherwise easy to tear. Film corona treatment after the impact of be affected with damp be affected with damp, easy to fade, emulsion coating film are also easily affected by damp environment, so should pay attention to moistureproof when saving; Film aging resistance in the sun, not pay attention to when using. < br />

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