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Materion Launches High Conductivity QMet™ 300 High Performance Strip Alloy for High-Current Applications

by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-10-03
Materion launches QMet™300 high performance band
Current application situation Business wireframe Mayfield Heights, Ohio--
Materials Company, May 30, 2019 (NYSE: MTRN)
Recently launched QMet™300 alloy-
itsnewest high-
High-Performance Ribbon alloys, offering a unique combination of high conductivity, strength and molding to meet current and emerging customer needs in the consumer electronics and automotive markets.
QMet 300 ribbon alloy is copper-chromium-
Silver materials with conductivity greater than all other alloys with similar strength, as well as stamping and stress relaxation comparable to copper and beryllium.
\"We have created QMet 300 ribbon alloys to achieve new designs that customers cannot achieve in a range of markets and applications,\" said Clive Green, president of Materion Performance alloys and composites.
\"Its conductivity, strength and molding make it different from other alloys on the market.
We expect it to be used to address material issues in a wider range of industries than currently identified, including equipment, servers, and data connectivity markets.
The high conductivity of the QMet 300 alloy enables design engineers to manufacture high current and high heat transfer components suitable for narrow spaces, this makes it an incomparable solution in many consumer electronics and automotive applications * electric vehicle charging contacts * electrical power contacts * computer power contacts * backplates, intermediate Board and CardEdge connectors * photovoltaic system connectors * Consumer Electronics for heat diffusion * automotive wire harness terminals and high voltage ConnectorsQMet 300 are the latest products to be added to the QMet series, which also include QMet 200-a copper-chromium-nickel-
Tin alloy is an ideal solution for high temperature
Small space environment related to consumer electronics.
Using QMet alloys, Materion can meet small-volume orders with reduced delivery times, allowing engineers to get these materials faster.
The company expects to develop other industries
The first QMet strip product to meet the future needs of customers.
AboutMaterion: Materion generationis headquarters inMayfield Heights, Ohio.
The company supplies advanced materials to the global market through its wholly owned subsidiary.
Our unique portfolio includes high-performance alloys, be products, cladding metal bands, composite metals, ceramics, inorganic chemicals, micro-electronic packaging materials, precision optics, film coatings, and film deposition materials.
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