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Membrane how to correctly detect quality

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Coated, often should constantly check the quality of the finished product, flat degree, observe film coating uniformity, degree of dry film adhesive, bake, and the temperature of the hot pressing roller, pressure roller pressure and hot pressing composite bonding fastness, according to the bonding situation in a timely manner to adjust the thickness of the coating, the operation speed and pressure, to prevent already put scroll on the consumption of film with the use of smaller diameter caused by the change of linear velocity, control rolling friction caused by inappropriate and film can relax, also note winding institutions taking diameter increases with wound composite products and produce winding to reduce friction, winding is not normal. At the same time to add adhesive solution and check the operation of the paper, patrol the whole unit, to ensure the effective of composite production.
          Dandy, should check the running situation of thin film and coating of plastic film at run time to keep the consistence is consistent, not local besmear not jump on the plastic case, etc.
          Winding should pay attention to the semi-finished product from hot-pressing machine composite roller leveling, elastic. Winding drum not too loose or too tight. Too loose will not neat, too close will tie up wrinkled. Scroll diameter increase gradually, as gather scroll to tighten control mechanism, to ensure that the appropriate friction, make scroll work, from slipping.
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