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One good show: Labelexpo wins high marks from attendees and converters. (Labelexpo Americas 2002: Post-Show Report).

by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-09-15
In the tough economy, narrow network vendors and converters demonstrated their combined strength in September, making LabelexpoAmericas 2002 a successful exhibition.
Attendance rates for both exhibitors and attendees are not as high as they have been in the past few years, but most people believe that people who walk on the floor for three days are right: decision makers.
The success of Labelexpo has to do with its timing and how the industry handles difficult anniversaries.
The show happened in the sun. -
A little nervous--one-
The anniversary of last year\'s attack on the United States.
No one knows what impact this national event will have on the show.
On the first day of September 10, the event seemed to start slowly, but in the afternoon, the pace accelerated.
Wednesday is September 11. these three days are the best.
In the morning, aprayer broadcast at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago.
All the conversations, movements, and machinery stopped at noon for three short and solemn minutes of reflection.
Perhaps the only disappointment is a marked decrease in attendance on the third and final day.
In the previous program, the third day will see an influx of news operators and other employees from the conversion company. their job on the day is to kick tires on network equipment, learn more about the industry
There is no doubt that this has not been achieved this year due to tight budget.
For business, however, converters come to buy and discuss plans for the future.
The equipment is ordered and purchased and may not have the quantity for other years, but the quantity is clearly the case in an economic environment.
Pressure forever
Mark Andy/Comco\'s popular booth was crowned again throughout the exhibition.
The company has launched the new LP3000 printing machine, which specifies the main members of its \"label productivity\" family.
The LP3000 is capable of running at a speed of 750 fpm, with a quick loading of the coil, a quick replacement of the holder design, a quick release of the ink holder, and a quick setting of ink and impression settings.
It also includes advanced touch screen controls.
DPS, Mark andy\'s digital dot matrix printing unit, debuted in the United States. The six-
The color digital unit is located in the middle of the flexo printing press, allowing web toundergo conventional treatment and fully variable digital imaging.
Comco\'s MSP lide MSP runs film and cartonstock throughout the Labelexpo and now has a recessed feature.
At Gallus, the latest developments in its RCS 330 servo drive pressure are unveiled.
The \"flying imprint\" feature that allows makeready to fly takes less than 90 minutes per station and reduces waste to 60%.
The media for the show is a 9-
Color unit with rotating screen and hot foil function.
Paper machinery company (PCMC)
Launched the new WebtronX-
10 to label community.
Based on the model of 750, it has-
The designed platform can accommodate up to 10 \"print width, harder print heads and frames, improved drying and registration improvements.
Another exciting thing on the PCMC Booth is the introduction of an evolutionary conversion system, which is a servo system
Drivenflexo press has 18 \", 22\" and 26 \"widths.
This printing machine has a CT drum for every two print heads, very new and the company can only have one module.
New ws4000 released by HP indig
Color digital label for short, medium run.
The II series printing engine enables the pressure to reach a speed of 52.
5 fpm for full color labels, or 105 fpm for two labelscolor jobs. The new FB-
At Neil Peter\'s booth, Line attracted attention.
The flexo printing machine has three widths, produced at the former Roto printing machine factory in Cincinnati, USA.
The FA is watching.
M-2500 flexo printing press
The 3300 offset version of the flat press, and for the first time launched a narrow web version of the concave printing machine.
Marathon and Drent Goebel announce their adventure plans-
A technology to eliminate traditional size groups-variable sleeve offset printing. (
See page 22 of this issue. )
The Viva 340 Waterless offset press exhibited by Codimag. Thesemi-
The rotary press provides different sizes without changing the cylinder and can accommodate UV Flexo units.
The Kurz transfer product booth is using a prophetic Press, a 10 \"L-
Series press with midstream stamping, stamping and cutting.
There is a DMS finishing unit at the booth of Propheteer, which includes an offline variable repeat programmable diecutter.
Another media is working in a digital booth.
Stork Rotaform, which produces screen printing stations, shows a wide range of products that it can produce.
GiDue demonstrated its combat flexo printing press and promoted its newQuadra, a limited-configuration combat Press with four print stations and a cutting station
Label the printer or the person who wishes to print according to a particular duty.
Chromas/Aquaflex presents its Argio digitall inkjet printing unit, as well as the new ICT foil box, a hot stamping unit that can be positioned to various parts of the printing machine.
Film, foil and paper FLEXcon has introduced dpm uv transparent gloss polyester film for product ID and safety/hazard/warning labels.
Featured products also include the new COMPUcal EXCEL 20440 clear and 22440 silver, new products in the DigiPRO series and six new polyester films in the thermfilm SELECT series. WINDOW-
LITES is an alternative to static attachment and super injection with white on the back and matte
The coated ink spray paper is introduced through green BayPackaging.
The chemical industry is standard by exmobil. Lyte 85 LP-
200 M, a BOPPfilm designed to replace metal paper at a water-based, low temperature
Glue and Stack Patch app.
Industry (STA)
A series of laminated film and adhesive tape is shown, including ultra-thin, a 0. 95-mil self-
Rolls can provide up to 20,000 feet of wound coverage.
In other products, the contract conversion highlights its 7-
Pt C3S trilogy heat transfer label and 10-
Pt C3S trilogy heat transfer label--
Heavyweight double blade coated paper designed for better ink on both sides of the paper.
Avery Denison focuses on the topic of \"ideas that work for you\", focusing on its service project Fasson Advantage, newFasson.
The demand for the aircraft, as well as its expanded electronic.
Raflatac celebrates its first anniversary in the United States.
The American factory is located in Fletcher, North Carolina.
The company features paper and filmic PS label stocks.
MACtac, recently acquired by Raflatac, offers FP series narrow net flexible packaging products designed for a range of applications.
Include Liquiflex film for sample
Liquid and powder bags of size.
The flexible packaging line was launched in the medium term. 2002.
The 3 m company that recently acquired Emulsion tech Emulsion Technologies has ushered in a centennial celebration this year.
This year, a new portfolio of product lines and new commitments to customer service were presented.
3 Mofficials said the company intends to maintain the integrity of the operating entity as well as the factory in OH Medina.
Developed by UCB film, Rayoat is the first BOPP Film designed for the graphic art market, with UV rays stable for up to two years.
Filmis used in Diet Coke with lemon window promotion.
From holographic 8-
The Kurz Transfer Products product introduces dimension elements into geometric design and introduces six patterns into its range of Ray-line foil.
The new version of the flagshipproduct, the belelung force film, which includes FR flame retardant film and SRDM glycerin, anti-scratchresistant,dot-matrix-
Accept the coating. Protect-
A wide range of products are available in all print media, including
Thermal film, metal film and holographic film.
For the professional label market, Polyonics presents the heat-resistant and heat-transfer printable thermal labels for itshweigh.
Promising improvement volume
Two new OPP films were introduced into the AET membrane: 400 WHSL and 48 B503-2.
The company presents the full range of OPP label films and the new toppcurelabling system.
YUPO introduces a synthetic paper yupo iml with a lower bonding temperature.
The company highlighted its synthetic paper for direct thermal printing applications.
Sharing a booth with Pitman is Orasee, the architect of secureimaging systems, which features miniature materials and integrated drawing software.
The Crown roll leaf highlights its SecureVision film, which combines high
2-resolution pixel graphicsD/3-D or 3-
Holographic technology.
News article Kocher Beck presents its gap master unit, a plug-and-play system that allows to adjust the gap between a magnetic or standard solid cutter and a hammer cylinder.
The magnetic cylinder of the company is also very distinctive.
The rotation measurement shows its wide range of rotating molds and accessories, including CNC and EDM molds, flexible molds, magnetic cylinders, printing cylinders and professional molds.
New products include general hot stamping and stamping tools distributed by RotoMetrics and manufactured by UEI Group.
The TS load cell is available immediately from the magnetic power system and is designed to reduce the effect of temperature changes on tension control.
Other new products highlighted include a range of label press core brackets and a range of knife clips.
Schober offers a complete range of MIATEX VentPerf cold and hot needle equipment.
The company announced an increase in production lines, including VentPerf-
Cold, designed for micro
Hole type, andVentPerf-
Heat, provide reinforcement holes.
Wilson manufacturing presents a variety of rotating and flexible molds, printed cylinders and magnetic cylinders on Labelexpo.
CTC International launched the RW4-
8 model turret rewinding machines with automatic docking pick-up machines, CTC Turretmaster, glelessstart turret rewinding machine and automatic tail marking roll sealing system.
FlexLight ULT 5 was released by MacDermid printing solutions.
0 photosensitive polymer plates for narrow network market for printing labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging and multiplewall bags.
It has fast drying time and shorter lightfinishing time.
Executive Trends is a new tool presented by a custom solution for the label Traxx printing management system.
It provides easy access to statistics such as the number of jobs entered and the corresponding sales value.
Creo demonstrated the ThermoFlex 2630 flexo computer-to-
The Brisdevice, the Brisque Pack, and the Prinergy Powerpack packaging workflow, as well as the portal site on the site to pre-print.
Ryder Machine Co. , Ltd.
Demonstrated its ability to rotate molds, inspection equipment, downwind/downwind, printing drums, and mold cutting.
The computer productivity service features a print management software program 90% based on Microsoft Plains, but is designed specifically for label converters.
Version 6 offers new features in many areas, including 35 Copy changes per order.
RBCOR has Elaslon photo-polymer plates, as well as film and tablet storage systems and flat panel production equipment.
The UV curing system between LightTouch stations was launched by AAA Press International.
The device can be relocated to different parts of the printing machine, or to different printing machines.
CRC Information Systems Corporation presents the latest version of the system, the graphic arts business management system
The BASF printing system presents its photosensitive polymer printing platform and printing ink, including a preview of the production technology of direct laser engraving for flexo printing and letterpress printing.
Pitman, a graphics art supplier, showed off the new soft version production technology, DuPont\'s Cyrel FAST, which eliminated the need for solvent processing.
Designed to keep the tip lift on a real level load leveler attachment and air vacuum packaging to prevent the expansion of most roller materials is one of the products provided by roller hand company Tilt-Lock.
The Doyle system adopts a new Alphasonics mesh roller cleaning system called Mia, as well as a new video network inspection system from Tectonic. Vac-N-
Tac was introduced by SIMCO.
The product combines the vacuum system with the contact cleaning roller to clean the network to 1 micron.
NDC infrared engineering has introduced a new look for its model 5200 flexmount system.
The PSI Flexo printing management system of Printcafe includes newflexo-
Specific assessment and work plan solutions, and add-
Module integration.
The enhanced estimation module includes a concise user interface and a more complex Flexo quotation system.
Check and post
Media Rotoflex announced that,
Drive will be the core technology of the entire machine production line, including its Pro-Inspect, Pro-Secure and Pro-DieCut series. Integrated e-
Drive web transport provides responsive control systems and precise motion control.
Keene Technology highlights its turret re-engraving machine and gun support re-engraving machine, including the ZC series with lever turret design and zero-Gap docking joint.
The RX series digital network detection system is presented at the booth of pcindustri.
The system uses digital imaging technology to automatically detect print defects, software image rotation, remote detection and diagnosis at an affordable price.
Bielomatik, an RFID transponder processing and finishing expert, has introduced a new compact laminating machine designed to expand their product range by producing smart labels.
Advanced visual technology presents three products: printing vision/Genesis single mode, proofreading of printers with digital files, and printers/Prima for drug labeling.
The new color measurement system, accucolony, was introduced to North America by byEltromat.
The print vision system has released the Validator, an improved add-on
On forall manufacturing and the slitter/rewinders model, the model verifies the successful resolution of defects identified by the 100% print check system.
Nireco America Corporation has launched the new BCON 2000 ca automatic printing defect detection system, designed for label printing machines, using a3CCD color cameras with a scanning rate of 105 microseconds.
BST Pro Mark has launched Digital Genius digital, a closed-end for automatic Digital detection and integration-
Loop process control system for Web printing applications.
TruColor Vision Systems highlights its 4000 series, a network inspection system with the ability to perform remote job backup from a network to an existing computer, as well as optional automatic color, registration and barcode verification monitoring
Visual alarm beacon
Exhibited by NDC infrared engineering, the Infragauge Pro is a network measurement and profile display system for controlling the weight, moisture and film thickness of the coating.
Subsidiary of CA. Litzler Co.
, Quickdraft features DuctCam, a video inspection system whose head can be inserted into a pipe with a diameter of less than 3. The read-
Out screen provides real-time video to feed 150 feet of the cable into the delivery pipe.
The Black Clawson coating shows its curtain coating machine and the coating air separation system.
The company has also launched a new VdeG CAS system, a series of de-aerators.
New high technology from Wacker silicone
By introducing the Wacker AMA 70 additive, the speed of silica is accelerated.
The product reduces silicone fog and is completely blended with the release coating system.
In addition to a variety of other products, National adhesives also highlighted its D-Bond 14-
007A adhesive cleaning assist and Duro-Tak34-
176A, a new PS adhesive for fruit and vegetable applications.
Related article: The ink world editor Labelexpo David Savastano is pleased with the quality of the attendees, an important showcase for print ink manufacturers that support the label and narrow web market.
As box office declines this year,
On the first anniversary of September 11, there will be very few people attending the meeting.
However, the ink company was very surprised by the results of the vote.
Patrick Hague, vice president of ink and wash Technology, said: \"This performance has been well received by surprise . \".
\"I think the decision makers are there.
Richard Gloeckler, senior vice president of environmental inks and coatings, called it \"our best presentation in years \".
\"The show was great,\" said Ed Dedman, product manager, label and Plasticine in SICPA North America . \".
Mike Waddell, a sales and marketing person at Monarch Color, said: \"The show is really great . \".
\"Our traffic is very stable.
2004 of customers and suppliers seem very excited.
Sun Chemical Ink (GPI)
Pantone announced the launch of a joint color printer project for the narrow web flexo label printing market in North America.
These companies will provide technical training and promotion support for printers with special formula for Sun chemical sunscreen oil ink and coating.
Labelad is the first market to approve the narrow print of Pantone HexachromePrinter.
Akzo Nobel Inks introduced Flexocure Gemini UV flexo Ink, which combines very high color strength and uses carefully selected raw materials to reduce skin irritation and odor.
For high-speed UV curing rotary convex version, Uvokett Ebony is a high density black ink with excellent fluidity and high color strength, Uvokett ivory is better than previous products
Lamikett is a water-based Flexo Ink designed for use in-line.
Eckart America shows its superstar
Bright silver metal inks for flexo, concave or screen printing can replace high-cost metal substrates or foil stamping.
UltraStar with no solvency-
, Water and UV formula.
Vivo international ink displays INXFlex 1000 high strength inks, as well as metals and highlighters.
In terms of water, the company provides AquaTech 120 high-strength ink for paper and is developing a Ink Distribution system capable of distributing paper and film ink from one dispenser. Rad-
Cure Corporation has launched a variety of new products, including its Rad-
Kote 868TR, the company\'s official said that it has expanded the text and
Ply label, scratch based on water
Off and directmail promos.
Arcar Graphics, North American division of Flint stone ink packaging, introduces its new Arcure rotary screen, UV rotary screen ink system, and Arcure 860, a multi-purpose UV letterpress ink system.
The ink painting technique presents the new low viscosity puflex UVink formula with high strength.
\"Our system is strictly controlled by quality, so our products shorten our time,\" the Hague said . \".
Environmental inks and coatings demonstrate its new ink distribution system for narrow nets, as well as a number of new inks, including the new ProPlus high-strength laminated adhesive, UV Flexo and screen inks.
SICPA has been transforming its water system, \"We are finalizing a number of products, including those used to shrink the sleeves, which will be a replacement for UV cation, it is also a kind of adhesive specially for having ed Dedman: \"Cold adhesive and good laminate strength. \".
A new product line is also shown at mirage.
\"We have been working with Dow to produce a range of UV cation products using their cyclic chemistry,\" said Martin Addocott, technical director . \".
\"It has low odor and good curing properties, plus free radical chemicals, and we have developed it into a range of inks.
In other presentations, Kolorcure Corporation presents the itsMirror cured UV metal ink.
Graphic Science has developed-
The system\'s narrow network ink can work within the spectral range of the label material. Deco-
Chem brings the brand new FLO series of low-odor, low-viscosity inks.
The King introduces its rollUV ink.
Wikoff Color shows its photoelastic low odor flexo with anti-fading and low surface energy.
The UVitec printing ink shows its 8067 heat transfer coating, which has proprietary ingredients that soften slightly under the heating of the hot print head and allows the tape to adhere well to the print.
Zeller Gmelin offers its NuvaFlex non-
Silicone, low smell wax-
Freesystem is designed for high number of mesh tubes and low volume BCM ratings.
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