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by:Taian Lamination Film     2020-09-15
Advanced on of NDC-
Production line product measurement solutions for the ecological, laminating and conversion industries solve a wide range of applications from single coating station processes to complex multi-coating station processes
Scanner series extrusion laminate production line with complex product structure.
NDC provides nine different measurement technologies for industries that provide accurate networks
Measure the configuration of each specific process.
NDC has responded to the industry\'s direct, non-Contact, non
Nuclear coating weight measurement capability with unique infrared measurement technology.
For example, the ig710s reverse scattering sensor for NDC produces a high
The coating weight, laminating material and moisture measurement can be distinguished without the basic inventory sensor.
Its selective infrared technology can identify up to six coating components using a single sensor without the need for additional meters, scanners and interiors
Meter calculation.
Similarly, NDC\'s SR710S infrared reflection measuring instrument provides a solution for directly measuring thin and transparent coatings on metal paper and plastic.
Its optical structure minimizes any interference effects while using sensitive mid-
The infrared absorption band allows for easy and accurate measurement of the thinnest coating such as lubricant layerson.
For those who need difference, more
NDC offers a wide range of measurement products for fast and accurate coating weight measurement performance.
These features provide advanced process visibility, strict control, and effective process management.
To accurately and sensitively measure the weight of the coating, the same spot measurement of the NDC synchronizes the position of multiple coatings
Scanner sensors for measurement from the same location on the network.
The program accurately coordinates the sampling and data collection of the underlying and coating products in order to accurately measure the coating weight of the substrate changes.
While the same point scan provides accurate coating weight measurements, there may be significant process lag between scanners;
There is a big oven, for example.
To provide early indication of coat weight at the beginning
As the product changes, the fast start-up function of the ndc will start two scanners without the same on-site time lag for three days of paper, so that the operator can make important machine adjustments,
Once the process lags-
At the time between the passing of the scanner, the system automatically transfers the scanner back to the SameSpot measurement operation to achieve better measurement accuracy.
Multi-gauge calibration
The scanner system may be an issue depending on the choice of the system vendor.
According to the measurement combination sensitivity of each instrument
The scanner configuration can be a challenge when calibrating the substrate and coating product sensors.
Typically, these meters are calibrated independently, each with its own calibration constant, making it difficult to manage hundreds of calibration combinations.
This is because each combination is unique to the base, coating, and final product portfolio.
To rationalize the calibration problem of multiple sensors
The NDC provides a real network coating algorithm for accurate coatweight measurements.
NDC\'s true net coating solution eliminates the impact of the substrate by accurately measuring the coating weight by combining synchronous measurements from both sensors and using the total coating material response curve.
This results in a calibration group for each coating type, which greatly simplifies calibration settings and continuous maintenance.
The NDC also has a set of measuring products for handling special coating processes such as discontinuous or discrete coating machines.
For example, the pattern recognition software of the NDC measures the coating weight of the \"stripe\" coating, while the gap exclusion software of the NDC measures the coating weight of the \"stripe\" coating, each intelligently excludes uncoated substrates from the reported coatweight data.
The gap between the coating patches or stripes is effectively bridged on the operator\'s display to provide a continuous display of the machine direction and cross direction coating weight applications.
Finally, the NDC provides gamma reverse scattering and infrared sensors in fixed point or scan mode.
For those who are not sure about the economic benefits offered by the measurement system, they can start with one or two non-measurement systems
Scanning Sensor
The fully flexible tdi architecture of the NDC allows for future expansion of this system, including additional sensors and scanners without eliminating existing equipment, which makes the upgrade cost very higheffective. 626-960-3300 www. ndc.
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