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Pre-coating film can prevent fire in laminating process

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Pre-coating film in laminating process easy to fire, the fire must have a combination of fire, combustible substance and combustion three conditions.

          The wet glue coating composite technology will have a combination of fire, BOPP film in the feeding process of electrostatic spark) And combustible substances ( ), organic solvents and adhesives , combustion substances ( Air, etc. ) These three conditions. And the source of a direct contact with combustible material. So easy to cause fire, endanger the safety in production, different degrees of damage.

          Using pre-coating film for dry laminating, although have fire ( Pre-coating film also produces in the process of feeding spark) , combustion substances ( Air, etc. ) , but there is no kind of combustible material organic solvent and adhesives. Spark ignition pre-coating film cannot. Don't have the burning conditions. Thus can effectively prevent the production process of fire.


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