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Pre-coating film coated products raw material control:

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

    Precoating with total storage temperature control, transmission, storage, coating, curing five assignments section.

    The total storage, transmission, the three areas are service workspace, hot melt adhesive for precoating technology quantity, shape, temperature and other factors.

    Coating is the core of the whole production process. Hot melt adhesive for BOPP film coating uniformity, quantitative value requirement, to a great extent, need to use to ensure high temperature control.

    Working in the curing of function is to create a low temperature cooling of the environment, ensure the hot melt adhesive coating in this area is completely cured in short time and not back to glue.

    Total storage, transmission, storage is belong to service work, but each has its function, has its own temperature control parameters.

    Total storage to cover all production lines, the supply of hot melt adhesive materials must ensure that the gel has good liquidity, should be controlled in the high temperature area.

    Transportation should not only consider the mobility of the colloid velocity, traffic and other requirements, consider the oxidation of transit, aging effects, such as high temperature should be controlled in time.

    Points is the assurance of single machine production line coating raw materials storage, should be controlled in the high temperature.

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, Pre-coating film refers to advance will glue again after rewinding of plastic film and paper printing quality composite technology. It first used by pre-coating film processing according to different specifications wide will glue liquid coating on the film after rewinding for using manufacturers to choose, then combined with print. Laminating, namely the paster, is to plastic film coated with adhesive, and paper print after heating, pressure sticking together, form a unity of paper-plastic products processing technology. The effect of print, because the surface is much more a thin, transparent layer of plastic film, more smooth shiny surface, thus improve the print gloss and color fastness, picture and text color is more bright-coloured, rich stereo feeling, also have more waterproof, anti-fouling, wear-resisting, folding, resistance to chemical corrosion, etc.

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pre-coating film coated products pay special attention to control the two

& have spent   For the workshop of temperature and humidity control:

& have spent   (1) in order to guarantee product quality, the effect of the temperature of the workshop should be generally corresponds to a printing workshop, shoulds not be too high and too low.

    (2) the humidity generally slightly smaller than a printing shop. Deformation caused by too much humidity can fold, even more will cause curl in products after processing. Humidity is too small will make the products produced in the process of effect of electrostatic, lead to the waste.

    Pre-coating film coated products raw material control:

& have spent   According to the nature of products, paper thickness, quality requirements such as the right to choose raw materials.

    Paper thin, generally choose the film should be thin, so as to avoid curling. Product requirements should choose high glossiness good film. Glue should choose transparent with no precipitation.

    Advocate using pre-coating film, in order to reduce the damage to human body health.

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