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Pre-coating film eight technology advantages

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
1, pre-coating film technology is the international recognition of EVA hot melt adhesive used than water-based glue more environmentally friendly products, in the pre-coating film laminating process does not produce any polluting substances, security, environmental protection, not pose a potential health threat to users and consumers. < br /> < br />,         2, pre-coating film laminating process more convenient and quality control, effect of more stable quality, because the process using solid EVA hot glue won't produce bubbles, fold, fall off wait for a phenomenon. < br /> < br />,         3, pre-coating film can greatly enhance print color saturation and surface finish, will not change color print over a long period of time. Due to the strong bonding force, surface tension, so the effect of surface can be local UV glazing, hot stamping, concave-convex, die-cutting indentation after processing. < br /> < br />,         4, pre-coating film process efficiency is better, compared with film laminating process, without gel mixing liquid before production, the production process control without glue, don't need to make the drying adhesive. Only need to control the temperature, pressure and speed, when stop without cleaning coating structure, etc. < br /> < br />,         5, pre-coating film laminating process energy save electricity, from the point of view of total power, the total power of the bridge type semi-automatic water-based laminating machine up to 25 kw, and semi-automatic pre-coated laminating machine in 5 kw - usually 10 kw, automatic pre-coating film laminating machine also can't more than 20 kw. < br /> < br />,         6, pre-coating film laminator equipment to save space, baked road, the equipment is not very compact structure, and there's no need to put glue in the warehouse. < br /> < br />,         7, pre-coating film technology save artificial, with automatic broken pieces of device semi-automatic pre-coated laminating machine, most only two operators, the water-based laminating machine requires at least three operators. New operators, and the process is simple and easy, easy to use. < br /> < br />,         8, pre-coating film process safety coefficient is higher, because does not exist in the process of effect of organic solvents such as combustible material, so can reduce the production of the possibility of a fire.
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