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Pre-coating film eliminate electrostatic method

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Pre-coating film in laminating process, heating, pressure is easy to produce a large number of static electricity, the later is very bad in processing production. At present, the elimination of electrostatic method has the following kinds: < br /> < br /> & have spent         Ion flow static eliminator, also called ionic wind. Electrostatic eliminator ion flow in the process of work, produce large amounts of air with positive and negative charges, can be after it ion radiation zone of objects with the charge neutralization. When the object surface with negative charge, it will attract radiation zone of positive charge, when the object surface with positive charge, it will attract radiation zone of negative charges, so that the objects on the surface of the electrostatic been neutralized, achieve the goal of eliminate electrostatic. Ion wind is the biggest drawback is expensive, the equipment is easy to damage. < br /> < br />,         High voltage electrostatic eliminator discharge type: according to the structure is divided into electronic style and the high voltage transformer, according to the discharge of polarity can be divided into single and double polarity polarity, single polarity electrostatic eliminator has an effect on only one type of charge, dual polarity can eliminate any charge. Also eliminate electrostatic brush can be used in the process of printing and high-pressure discharge type two kinds of combination of thorough and effective to eliminate static electricity. Disadvantages because of uneven film electrostatic, high voltage discharge in the area of the easy to form a new electrostatic. < br /> < br />,         Induction electrostatic eliminator rods: induction electrostatic brush, principle is: eliminate the tip of the appliances close to the charged body when the tip can detect the polarity and electrostatic polar opposite charge on the charged body, and in cutting-edge mobile, thus making electrostatic neutralization. < br /> < br />,         Pre-coating film to eliminate electrostatic brush product performance: < br /> < br /> & have spent         1、  Super conductive: 1 meter long electrostatic brush resistance R is 1 or less Ω, electrical conductivity of carbon fiber higher than normal between 30 and 100 times or more. Its conductivity has excellent characteristics of the metal conductor. < br /> < br />,         2、  Special softness: cloth as softness, not scratch the film contact, can effectively in a timely manner to eliminate static electricity. < br /> < br />,         3、  Corrosion resistant: long-term immersion in toluene and butanone dissolved dhi without changing the properties. Its performance is stable, especially suitable for long-term use of plastic and paper industry. Particularly suitable for film production and printing line installation. < br /> < br />,         4、  Fireproof: fear of fire and after fire performance shall not be changed.
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