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Pre-coating film fumo machine works

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Type precoating fumo machine is to print with precoating plastic film composite to special equipment, the main structure, by rolling, print film automatic input, hot pressing composite center four major part, automatic winding, compared with that is, a film coating machine, don't need adhesive coating, drying section, therefore, compact structure, small volume, low cost, easy operation, large increases with the increasing in boot, production flexibility, high efficiency. Pre-coating film and paper to print as long as the hot-pressing. Suitable for all kinds of hot pressing function fumo machine, compound machine, laminate machine. The wet glue coating composite process of bridge type combination fumo machine does not need to make any changes, pre-coating film membrane completely available.

          Pre-coating film will film on the plastic cloth in advance after rewinding, again with paper printing quality composite technology. Pre-coating film is used by pre-coating film processing according to specifications wide different adhesive solution first coating after rewinding for using factory to choose again composite with printed paper.

          Pre-coating film process is mainly pre glue - Roll up - Rubber - coated Solidification cooling - Rewinding - Cutting - Its volume - Finished product packaging. Pre-coating film machine, air-conditioning - Roll up - To paper - Turn up the heat - The compound - Cutting - Automatic accumulation - The finished product.

          There are three kinds of pre-coating film: namely hot film, pressure sensitive film and special membrane. Binding is mainly used in hot both in the film: BOPP film, PET film ( There is also a nylon membrane) 。


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