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Pre-coating film in the application of coated iron process

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Pre-coating film laminating process refers to the color printing of pre-coating film by pressurized composite in cold rolled iron plate, iron plate or aluminum plate of metal surface, instead of traditional tin-coated, chromium plated iron with printing process of printing a way to meet. At the same time of the products through the process of coated with dual advantages of plastic and metal.

          Traditional technology of coated iron mainly adhesive coating line, not only to be coated on the metal coated with adhesive to the corresponding composite film. Pre-coating film coated iron technology is just emerging in recent years, a kind of coated iron craft, compared with the traditional adhesive effect of eliminating the blending of adhesive, latex coating and drying the three most easily occurred problems in the process, pre-coating film coated in a few seconds to complete, greatly save the working time, improve work efficiency, but also eliminates the pollution, poisoning, fire hazards.

          Article also talked about before, pre-coating film produced in the 1990 s, just a market in Europe has caused quite a stir, production is also significantly increase every year, while Asian later use pre-coating film technology, until 1996 in Asia. Also is in the same year announced a ban on using both coating technologies from Europe and America, all to the pre-coating film technology, but due to the Asian started relatively late, in addition to Japan have all use coating technology, other countries, including China now or coating and coating technology are already in use.

          Later started in 2000 in our country is introduced pre-coating film technology, pre-coating film printing and other industries in China now than share is still small, mainly in the books and periodicals, cigarette case, food packaging coated on the envelope or package. Shop front panel, can at home such as coated iron industry because of its main products is PET/steel composite, and composite requires its deep drawing resistance, salt fog resistance, high temperature resistant, resistant to cooking, harsh conditions, such as pre-coating film products in this area is very rare. This is mainly due to the pre-coating film products used in hot melt adhesive layer can not meet the requirements, marriott, after many years of technical research, jinan has developed is suitable for the hot melt adhesive coating coated iron.

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