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Pre-coating film laminating machine

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
The process for laminating equipment without glue heating drying system, greatly simplifying the laminating process, and the operation is very convenient, can use with the boot, production flexibility, at the same time without solvent smell, no environmental pollution, more important is to be able to completely avoid air bubbles, delaminating, such as fault, the product transparency high, has a broad application prospect and popularization value. < br /> < br />,         Pre-coating film structure consists of base material and rubber, base material is usually for PET and BOPP film, considering from the cost of materials and processing technology, the vast majority of pre-coating film base material with BOPP film, thickness of 12 - For 5-20 microns, rubber thickness 15 microns. According to different processing equipment and process conditions, different thickness of rubber, rubber is divided into hot melt adhesive and organic polymer resin at low temperature. The difference between the two is that the hot melt adhesive glue by the main resin, tackifier and regulator several material blending modification is made, and organic polymer resin as a single polymer copolymer in low temperature. < br /> < br />,         Because of restricted by technology, production equipment, raw materials, produced by domestic equipment pre-coating film ( Most of the hot melt adhesive for) Still have quality defects. Due to the production process is to rely on similar to the coating effect of the process, dissolved colloid with organic solvent, the rubber roller coating with concave anilox roll on the substrate membrane, thus exist insufficient solvent evaporation, operation produce peculiar smell, when using coated after solvent evaporation, the surface is easy bubbles. At the same time, because of the hot melt adhesive by several kinds of polymer blend, in use process, the temperature control is bad will cause in the hot melt adhesive polymer degradation and crosslinking, bad make coated surface. Some pre-coating film adhesive colloid easily with the external surface of the base material, cause bad coiling. Due to the thin rubber, and the surface is not the activation treatment, so prone to defects such as lack of adhesion to the print. Because of the hot melt adhesive consists of several kinds of materials, the effect of transparency after significantly worse than pure resin class pre-coating film at low temperature. < br /> < br />,         Minimum pre-coating film laminating machine is a kind of investment, the best laminator equipment, because of pre-coating film laminating machine adopts the laminating technology of environmental protection, and simple operation, less investment, easy to use, whether in mass production, or a small number of coated, can be handy to use, widely used in the market now laminating machine is small, laminating machine. So small laminating machine market potential is tremendous, using laminating machine for printing and post-processing products must have a strong market competitiveness.
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