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Pre-coating film laminating process control points

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
The key technology of pre-coating film laminating process is mainly the effect of temperature, the effect of pressure and the effect of speed control and so on several aspects.
          1. Effect of temperature < br /> & have spent         Temperature is the first factor of pre-coating film laminating, because the pre-coating film on the adhesive is hot melt adhesive, temperature determines the molten state of the hot melt adhesive, determines the hot melt adhesive molecules to BOPP film, printed ink film, paper and so on the penetration and diffusion ability. Although the effect of temperature increase helps bonding strength enhancement, but high temperature membrane causes contraction, product surface bright, sparkling, make products to produce wrinkles. According to the practical experience, the effect of temperature should be controlled between 70 ~ 100 ℃.
          2. Effect of pressure < br /> & have spent         The surface of the paper is not smooth, only where appropriate, under the pressure of the molten state of the surface of the hot melt adhesive can completely cover print, resin coated products to light, good bonding effect. Pressure is small, the stick is not a prison; Some under pressure, help to improve the bonding force between the film and paper products. However, if the pressure is too big, and easy to make the product produce wrinkles, and easy to make rubber roller surface injury, deformation, reduce the service life of rubber roller. With the increase of pressure, make the contact pressure between the rubber roller and heating roller, make the two roller shaft head, bearing load, wear, and make the load of the transmission system, and therefore too much stress can affect the service life of the machine.
          In the actual production, shall, according to the different of the paper to adjust pressure. Such as for the loose of the paper, the pressure to a few bigger, smaller conversely. According to the experience, effect of pressure is generally set to 8 to 25 mpa is advisable.
          3. Effect of speed < br /> & have spent         Effect of speed speed determines the pre-coating film on the adhesive in the melting time of heating the roller and the contact time of film and paper. Coated slow, BOPP film adhesive on the heating time is relatively long, thin film and paper pressing time is long, bonding effect is good, but the production efficiency is low. Effect of speed, the adhesive on the BOPP film in shorter time for heating the heating of the roller, the film and paper short contact time, bonding effect is poor. Domestic pre-coating film laminator equipment production speed general control between 5 ~ 30 m/min.
          The three key above the pre-coating film laminating technology - — Effect of temperature, pressure and speed of coated laminating machine to do the simple analysis, but among the regulation should be depending on the used equipment, effect of the type of the products and use the actual situation such as the type of the film, flexible, only in this way can get high quality coated products.
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