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Pre-coating film laminating technology and problems needing attention

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Pre-coating film into four began in the 1990 s, when in addition to imports only a few domestic enterprises can processing, production gradually after someone with roller method. Until 2002 China and internationally consistent product, and increasing manufacturing enterprises, the annual output reached - level. In the process of practical application, often appear in domestic problem is print after coated, then GaXian, concave and convex, folding, die-cutting, frequently occur in the place where the above is processed pre-coating film and prints between separation phenomenon, this phenomenon is commonly known as membrane, take off the film's main reason is the insufficient adhesion fastness.
          In our country, the original is a organic solvent laminating process, in 1991, the first is the effect of quality requirements and test methods for organic solvent effect of a defined quality standards and requirements. After more than ten years of development process, the effect of coating occupies the laminating process of most of the market in China, after the birth of its process, because of its excellent surface effect, often to the operator and professionals an illusion: even if is not reached the technical requirements and conditions of it, after the effect of apparent effect will produce a film. Is always appear, such as the membrane to the personage inside course of study an illusion, why look so beautiful than coated effect sometimes look relatively poor processing advantage?
          Pre-coating film on the printing design, materials, technology, equipment, process, the existence of such problems as lack of health consciousness, plus the price disadvantage, restricted the process of it in the popularization and development of China.
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