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Pre-coating film laminating technology explanation

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Coated to master speed

& have spent         If speed is slow, thin film and paper pressing time is long, bonding effect is good, because if the pre-coating film coated slow, BOPP film adhesive will heating time is relatively long, but it will reduce the production efficiency. If faster, laminating film and paper pressing time is shorter, the effect of the bonding is relatively less, because too fast, shorter time for heating the BOPP film adhesive will, doesn't make the film on the adhesive reaction, so as to reach the best effect. So the effect of speed determines the quality and efficiency of the production, how to time and comprehensive quality are the best? My company after repeated experiments, the domestic pre-coating film production speed should be controlled in 15 Between 30 m/min.

          2. Effect of the temperature requirements

& have spent         Actually the control of the temperature should be coated technology is the most key, pre-coating film base material is BOPP composite membrane and hot melt adhesive, and the dissolution state is determined by the temperature of hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive of dissolved state directly determines the effect of penetration and diffusion ability, high temperature will shrink film, so that the product surface blister, buckling or reduced transparency. Low temperature can make the hot melt adhesive, of course, is not very good solubility, thus resulting in a decline in paste sex. So coatings must have a good effect of temperature, the effect of temperature can be controlled in 70 - commonly 100 degrees.

          3. Effect of pressure in the process of choose

& have spent         Paper is not smooth, actually may look not to come out with the naked eye, but magnified can see the bump on the surface of the paper, coated hot melt adhesive used in the process of pressure into a rugged place glue, making the paper surface more smooth, to improve the grade level. Pressure is small, the stick is not a prison; Some under pressure, help to improve the bonding force between the film and paper products. However, if the pressure is too big, and easy to make the product produce wrinkles, and easy to make rubber roller surface injury. Deformation, reduce the service life of rubber roller. With the increase of pressure, make the contact pressure between the rubber roller and heating roller, make the two roller shaft head, bearing load, wear, and make the load of the transmission system, and therefore too much stress can affect the service life of the machine.

          During the actual pre-coating film laminating operations, according to the degree of loose paper to determine the size of the effect of pressure, loose serious pressure slightly larger, whereas smaller pressure. Normal pressure is set in 10 - 25 mpa is the best.

          Above is coated technology three process, of course, there is no a layer of the same process, according to the actual operation or pre-coating film manufacturer required temperature, speed and pressure, if not the best, according to the problems in debugging. If an article to learn alone film coating, the effect of the teacher, what about me, are a little wondering, in the process of practice problems for the first time to solve the problem, so you went into the master.

          Ink layer thickness, colour and lustre is deep, paper, water content, paper size of print. When to effect of the printing, laminating parameter control general coated temperature: 95 ~ 105 ℃, the effect of pressure: 16 a 25 mpa, the effect of speed: 5 - 10 m / min

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