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Pre-coating film laminator equipment requirements

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

1。 Temperature; Pre-coating film compound rubber material is thermoplastic polymer, a fixed point of softening temperature, so the accurate control of heat roller temperature is the key to the quality of coated, sensors, The probe) The most ideal is placed in the central heat on the surface of the roller, roller surface 0 point distance. 1 to 0. 15 mm fixed position, ensure the hot pressing part parameters of accurate temperature control, temperature controller had better choose to take control function of the time this case.

2。 Speed; Coated speed speed equal to the length of time for heating the film, even if too slowly products will appear in the parameter range foaming temperature and deformation phenomenon. The same temperature can be kept pace, the speed of the coated can ascend, but hot roller heating power must be sufficient, or forming speed can't keep up with the temperature at the heat is used up big, hot roller, so the power of heat roller is the key equipment to speed up.

3。 Pressure; Rubber speed PingChu temperature, hot melt, flow conditions combined with pressure is also very important, especially for the penetration of print, anchoring effect, is a direct one of the key factors that affect peel strength of coated products. < br />

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