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Pre-coating film membrane folding blasting and how to deal with

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          Pre-coating film has become the main printing product membrane material, its membrane process is relatively simple, and dry reply can use directly, therefore the domestic film slowly from hang glue to pre-coating film direction. But relatively complex pre-coating film adhesive where there are many shortcomings. Small make up calculated that the cost of the pre-coating film of 1205 and the glue, but 1205 pre-coating film do deep embossing and process after the film adhesive stability under the same cost. But the pre-coating film also has its own advantages, so the complex membrane products using membrane adhesive or pre-coating film, according to the process after the product. If you choose a bad problems easily.

          It's not, my company customers superior printing ( A false name, is not convenient to disclose customer information) , superior printing a long-term cooperation customer, suddenly demands a layer of membrane on the print, but the price is not to add and to goods need very urgent. Superior printing will find my company require companies to provide 1205 pre-coating film for the production of small batch proofing didn't also found the problem, but there is something wrong with after batch production, a critical edge broken membrane folding products. Below is the summary of the company's technical staff to solve the problem, the hope can help meet the same problem.

          1, first of all get some broken membrane products, observing whether broken membrane is regular, if regular broken membrane, that is the problem of folding machine pressure. Can be appropriately adjusted broken membrane pressure to solve the problem.

          2, if not broken membrane, decrease the pre-coating film membrane in the process of the temperature of the machine, the machine temperature can be very hot pre-coating film, destroyed the pre-coating film of the extension, thus by external force is more likely to rupture.

          3, the color of the product to be advise membranes observed, light-colored products under the same process folding than the darker effect is good, because the darker membrane effect than light-colored products, need to slow down the speed of laminating machine, so the darker products when making complex membrane pre-coating film damage, want a few bigger.

          4, if the above method to throw not solve the problem, recommend replacing pre-coating film membrane thickness, recommended for 15 wire or thicker film production.

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