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Pre-coating film membrane tension of what size is it?

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
When it comes to film, the first thing to consider is the question on the tension. Pre-coating film is film, it belongs to a film. So, what's the tension? Want to how to adjust and peaceful stretch? Let us know.
          Pre-coating film membrane tension leveling, such as the glue in the process of wet composite membrane, to overcome film feeding friction between the shaft/housing, flattening roller tensioning friction, at all levels to achieve film full of wide flat before coating.
          Thin film by stretching formed after the tension leveling, is to prepare for the glue. Then shall receive the rubber pressure roller new force, oppression to stick to the surface of glue roller.
          With the glue spreader reverse ( Go ahead, thin film, glue spreader turn back) Movement, glue spreader gel on the surface of a liquid 'light'.
          In order to ensure the rubber coated evenly, no leakage, and prevent the film by the reverse rotation of glue roller wrapping immersed glue tank, must tighten tension, make the film tension.
          For quantitative adhesive solution of the glue roller can be 'clean' transferred to the film as much as possible, must use the stronger pressure membrane close to the rubber roller surface, don't make any minor loose knit of thin film and beating.
          This 'must tighten tension' and 'strong pressure', is the dual forcibly stretch film, and is heated in a film for a long time, multichannel flattening roller friction under the condition of forced stretching.
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