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Pre-coating film of the six major advantage is embodied in:

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04
Pre-coating film of the six major advantage is embodied in:

& have spent   One, the green environmental protection

& have spent   Relative to the solvent in terms of the effect of coating, pre-coating film laminating process of excluding volatile harmful substances, no potential harm to the operator, to ask environment no pollution, and no fire hazards.

    Therefore, some countries have achieved 100% application pre-coating film.

    In addition, pre-coating film coated printing quality easy recycling, can easily achieve paper, membrane separation, and the type of coated printing quality are difficult to recycle.

    Second, easy to operate

& have spent   Pre-coating film coated production before don't like that type of coated coating preparation of glue, also need not adjust the amount of glue in the process of production, don't need to make the drying adhesive, also don't have to undertake cleaning after work, greatly shorten the auxiliary time.

    Therefore, in view of the different pre-coating film laminator equipment, configuration of up to 2 ~ 3 per class operation personnel, reduce the enterprise cost of human resources.

    Three, energy saving save electricity

& have spent   Look from the equipment total power, without drying, at present domestic automatic pre-coating film laminating machine power generally in the range of 15 ~ 20 kw, semi-automatic pre-coating film laminating machine basic between 5 ~ 10 kw of power.

    Four, reliable quality

& have spent   The structure of pre-coating film BOPP ( Two-way stretch polypropylene film) As the backing material, spray evenly EVA hot melt adhesive.

    Relative to the coating type laminating glue, hot melt adhesive in the molten state, has the very good flow property adhesive molecules to the ink and paper of the internal diffusion ability, such as melting powder ability strong superiority.

    Pre-coating film coated printing quality, therefore, not only the color reduction degree is high, strong bonding force, and in front of the composite without cleaning operation, effectively prevent the print in die cutting indentation, convex blister or take off the membrane after.

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