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Pre-coating film printing industry to reduce VOC emissions

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

Since the pilot method 'volatile organic compound pollution charge policy, VOC became a hot word in printing industry. Now in Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong from all over the country have issued voc pollution charge policy.       What is a volatile organic compounds ( VOC) ? ?        The federal environmental protection agency (epa) ( EPA) Definition: a VOC is except CO, CO2, H2CO3, metal carbides, metal carbonate and ammonium carbonate, any in atmospheric photochemical reaction of carbon compounds. Confirmed by foreign medical research, life cause in the VOC pollution of the environment, cause the risk of fetal abnormalities is much higher than the average man. Certain harm to human body health. A lot of printing in the printing and packaging industry material all contain VOC, including water-based laminating adhesive, ink and cleaning solvent, etc.       At present, our country is about 11 m printing enterprise, packaging and printing enterprise about 4 m, packaging and printing output 30% of the total output value of printing industry, packaging and printing industry of VOC emissions, however, to reach about 80% of the total emissions, printing industry more than 2 million tons of emissions. The status of the state environmental protection department have paid close attention to, in the releasing of the atmospheric pollution control policies and regulations, repeatedly to packaging and printing as a key governance industry.        Publishers and printers to reduce VOC emissions in daily work?       To accurately estimate the need printing powder, in order to avoid waste.       Does the color of the original paper, rather than the ink color as the background design.        When in the process of gluing or binding to minimize the use of light oil, glue and glue.                                

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