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Pre-coating film process

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          (1) film thickness at 0. 01-0. 02 mm between, after dealing with the corona or other methods, surface tension, with up to 4. 0 x 10-2 n/m, in order to have good wetting and bonding performance.
          2 film corona treatment the treatment effect is uniform, the higher the transparency is better, is covered in place to ensure that the print has the best resolution.
          (3) thin film should have good light resistance, not easy to change color under the light irradiation for a long time, geometry size keep pre-coating film stability.
          (4) thin film to come into contact with chemicals such as solvents, adhesives, printing ink, thin film should have certain chemical stability.
          5] film appearance should level off, without uneven and wrinkles, no bubbles, shrinkage cavity and pitting defects.
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