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Pre-coating film technology analysis and processing

by:Taian Lamination Film     2021-02-04

          As is known to all, pre-coating film technology in China has experienced 20 years of history today, its technology is an integral part of the printing industry, in order to meet the domestic market for goods appearance, packaging requirements, the form of printing technology and effect of technology is ascending, in solving the bottleneck of the overseas import laminating machine, environmental protection are more and more high, break the traditional, energy saving, environmental protection, save space.
          The difference between the traditional film coating technology and without glue coated technology, the traditional technology can make all sorts of color printing paper, after effect of the increased strength, thickness and texture, produce 'temperamental' catching up color printing paper, and to make all kinds of bags, boxes, books cover, samples, etc. But usually coated with rubber coated forms, such as using the solvent adhesive, water glue and hot melt adhesive, etc.

          But the pre-coating film is different from this, first of all, it due to no glue, so the cost reduction is extremely significant. Especially the inferior smooth film and laser film. General cost reduction in dozens of even higher percentage; In addition, its safety. As a result of the PE film cost is food packaging materials, coupled with the need not glue, the easy to volatilize and penetration of harmful gas in the production process or use the product does not exist in the process.

          At the same time, through the test, the 5% caustic soda solution at 80 ℃, the product into the stir gently, can appear the phenomenon of separation membrane and paper, membrane buoyancy, paper, easy to recycle, so it is a high degree of green products. Moreover, due to the rubber coated on the rubber after baking to dry in the early of the sub is 0. 002-0. 003 mm, it will appear in printing paper powder film pressure is not solid, and prompted a uncompacted fine products 'snow'. But pre-coating film will not, because the technology using membrane in 0. 017-0. 02 mm thick, became the hot melt state are the thickness of the glue, it only need less than half of the pressure, you can easily make it is not a 'snow', so there would be no clean powder.

          Pre-coating film technology content analysis in detail: without glue peritoneal did not use a conventional two-way stretch polypropylene membrane, but using high-pressure polyethylene blow type for the main ingredient of the PE film, that is because it comes easily to the hot melt and plastic. But the PE film is a kind of weak surface materials, waxy additive ingredients to make it present a state of weak interface layer surface. As a result, it under the low temperature hot melt state, with the paper bonding strength is smaller, so that makes this without modification technology is no practical value. < br />

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